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Kinex Media is the top digital agency that uses paid ads to increase your company’s sales. Whether it’s traffic, conversions or both, we can give you Boom! Our innovative PPC management techniques aid in meeting your objectives and maximizing your PPC return rate.



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Earn profits from paid search with our PPC service

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an efficient way to reach a qualified audience. It enables you to reach the same place the audience is looking and helps you gain an advantage over your competitors. Kinex creates a Custom PPC campaign that would help increase conversions and revenue for your business.

Our Pay-per-click service plans, including enterprise PPC Management, PPC audit services, Google shopping ads etc., are listed below, so if you are ready to experiment with paid advertising, call us at – 647-496-6189 to speak with our PPC strategist and learn more about PPC advertising.

We get it — sometimes you want to speak straight to the source. To speak with a Digital Marketing Specialist about our marketing services, feel free to give us a call at:

- Dr Kimberly

Client Testimonials

"I thoroughly consider the site turned extraordinary and Kinex Media performed extremely well. The criticism has been awesome ... It's precisely what I was searching for. Pretty much everybody who's seen it, adores it.."
- Dr Kimberly
- Javier

Client Testimonials

We started working with Kinex about one year ago for our corporate website. From design services to their client relations they have been fantastic throughout, and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for professional web design services!
- Javier

Additional PPC services at Kinex

In addition to the PPC service, we also provide strategy-based additional PPC services like Facebook advertising and remarketing. Explore the different services by speaking to our experienced strategist at - 647-496-6015.
We also offer online ad management services with PPC services. So, if you want to advertise on Google or Bing, we are here to help.

PPC Audit Services

PPC audit examines and evaluates your paid advertising account’s overall performance. Our strategists provide you with a free PPC audit to improve your performance.

Remarketing Services

Promote your business to users who interacted with your site earlier by using targeted ads for user motivation and making a call to visit or purchase your brand.

Facebook Advertising

Get the ultimate benefits by custom promotions on Facebook. This creates brand awareness and publicity with increased likes and follows.

Geofencing Advertising

Using geofencing ad services will target conferences, competitor demographics etc. and generate a custom audience for remarketing.

Addressable Advertising

Influence audience based on targeted demographic locations; this PPC strategy helps drive more traffic to the store increases queries and sales.

Social Media Advertising

Advertise on the most powerful social media platforms like Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook with customized advertising campaigns.

Why is our Pay Per Click services unrivalled?

We help you extract the best out of the PPC services by paying maximum attention to every small detail of the campaign.

For all Kinex managed campaigns, you’ll get the most updated marketing technology to fetch an unbeatable result and help you target a specific target audience.

In our campaigns, we employ Google’s vast PPC network, text ad and banner retargeting to tempt prior visitors to convert, Google customer and audience match to narrow down the target audience, and more.
Once you choose a budding PPC plan with us, besides setting up and managing rule-based bidding, you’ll gain access to features like click, conversion, and click fraud monitoring.

All our additional services are extremely useful and beneficial.

If you go one step further and sign up for our leading market plan, you’ll get worldwide PPC campaign management, a landing page template setup, and improved conversion analysis data.

Some of our PPC packages are only available on a Quote basis; contact us to know more.

What is Inclusive of our PPC services?

When you opt for our PPC management services for your online ad management, you’ll get the

  1. A dedicated campaign representative
  2. Customized PPC Conversion strategy
  3. Target keyword research
  4. Google, Bing, Gmail; we target them all
  5. Advanced AI research for competitor ad techniques
  6. Custom ad copy for testing performance
  7. Strategic management of ad bids to increase your ROI on PPC
  8. Optimization of current ad copy ads and designs to enhance performance.
  9. Update account settings to ensure PPC performance.
  10. Regular business reports & much more!

The goals for our PPC management services are defined by the plan you choose. The basic plans do not include conversion analysis, hindering you from knowing where your site lacks conversions. If you choose the leading market plan, you’ll have access to the whole service.

What makes Kinex the best PPC management firm?

We are pro at building strategies!

We have worked with hundreds of clients to manage their services and drive expressive results.

We have mentioned some detailed reasons below:

Clear pricing plans

To maintain a wonderful relationship with our customers, we should be open and honest while sharing everything and be very transparent with the pricing of our plans.

We would like you to know if our management services are befitting for you based on our PPC management cost and see a breakdown of what’s included in the plan?

Being transparent is the first step in setting up business foundations with our clients.

Your aim is our goal!

  • Kinex media is right here to help!If you’re seeking one of the best pay-per-click dealings to manage your campaign for you. We won’t just help you in writing ad text; we’ll be there for you at every step of the way.We’ll assign a dedicated manager to listen to your requirements, develop strategies, and keep you informed about your campaign’s progress.We’ll create your campaign and strategy, undertake keyword research and select the best high-volume ones, and even conduct industry analysis to ensure we’re reaching the right/targeted audience.While working on your campaign, we’ll handle it all; copywriting, testing copy performance, developing and modifying keywords. Absolutely, Everything!We help you save time.Kinex media is right here to help!If you’re seeking one of the best pay-per-click dealings to manage your campaign for you. We won’t just help you in writing ad text; we’ll be there for you at every step of the way.We’ll assign a dedicated manager to listen to your requirements, develop strategies, and keep you informed about your campaign’s progress.We’ll create your campaign and strategy, undertake keyword research and select the best high-volume ones, and even conduct industry analysis to ensure we’re reaching the right/targeted audience.While working on your campaign, we’ll handle it all; copywriting, testing copy performance, developing and modifying keywords. Absolutely, Everything!

Transparent ROI reports on your PPC investment.

Analyzing the results is an essential part of the play.

We’ve mentioned it earlier, and we’ll take care of it too!

It’s essential to know how you are doing with conversions and how much traffic is getting to your website. For that reason, we provide clear reports of your campaign, A/B test landing pages and effective keyword results. If we feel something needs to be modified, we’ll educate you and make certain changes in the campaign.

A unique campaign for every business

Every business has different needs, and we plan a campaign that is solely dedicated to your business after analyzing what your business needs are.

We offer different plans with different elements. Every plan has a diverse price range and strategy; You can choose the suitable one as per your requirements.

6 bold reasons explaining the importance of PPC for your Business

We’ve already discussed the benefits of PPC management. Let’s throw more light on this benefitting strategy.

1. It’s cost effective and worth it!

You might be confused about how PPC can do wonders for your business?
Here’s the fact!

When you advertise on television, in a newspaper, on a billboard or on a kiosk, you have you pay a lot of money for getting some space for getting your ad published. PPC has a similar idea, but you only pay Google when someone clicks on your ad to view it.

This is the reason why it’s pocket-friendly and highly beneficial. You will only pay when someone comes with a solid potential to buy your product or service.

We’ve mentioned strong potential because these are highly targeted ads that give 50% more cost effective results than organic site traffic.

2. Fast rate results

Another reason why PPC delivers incredible results is that it is time-effective. It works instantly as soon as your ads are posted. You’ll see more traffic derived to your website from the first week.

Other tactics like SEO and email marketing are long-term; they need time to provide you efficient results, and they are worth the wait. However, if you want quick results, The PPC strategy is meant for you!

Keep auditing to make sure that it’s working properly.

3. Easy tracking of results

Coming to the most crucial part; tracking of results. Without any evaluation of the campaign, you won’t come to know about what elements are succeeding and what are putting you down.

When you keep analyzing the results, the following steps become very clear to perform. You know what areas do you need to improve for better results.

For example – Deciding a variable to test how people interact with similar ads; Let’s imagine you’re a cloth manufacturer; in one ad, a man is wearing your brand clothing, and in the second prototype is hung on a hanger.


You can simply check analytics to discover which ad is working better using A/B testing; the results help you improve your ad to obtain more clicks.

Google Ads can be used to track the effectiveness of your ad’s conversions, clicks and all other metrics. You will be able to evaluate that is your target audience even clicking on your ads, or you need to work on it for your betterment.

Tracking is essential, and PPC campaigns make it easy, which is an incredible benefit.

4. It’s exceptionally targeted.

PPC is highly targeted. All the marketing tactics allow your business to grow, and PPC is nowhere behind. In fact, it is the most famous tactic in the digital game.

You can target a precise audience with precise content.
Isn’t it interesting?


Google Ads allows you to target more audience in the following ways:

  1. Demographics – Demographic audience targeting is one of the most effective ways to target your customers because it allows you to deliver adverts depending on a user’s location, gender, region and the type of device they’re using to search.
  2. In-market targeting is one of the most powerful strategies to reach yourin-market target audience. This is because it allows you to connect with customers looking for your store’s products and services. This gives you an edge over the competition because your ads are shown to clients who are ready to buy your products – almost instantly. Your ads are shown to users who have already purchased something from your website or who are interested in what you sell.
  3. Remarketing – The PPC remarketing strategy allows you to reserve the audience who have viewed and clicked your advertisements before. These are highly beneficial because it keeps you updated in the customer’s eye, especially those who have you in their cart or very close to making a purchase.
  4. Custom intent – When you select a customer intent within Google ads, you can add keywords and phrases that are strongly dedicated to your target audience who are more likely to buy a product or a service. Furthermore, you can add website links to YouTube URLs to attract your audience.
  5. Targeting a similar audience – This one is easy and helpful too you can take your PPC campaign to another level by targeting a similar audience. let’s consider a 40-year-old woman who intends to buy your wrinkle-free cream; you can also target the audience that is near to forties or maybe in early forties – regardless they have searched for your product or not. The ad is triggered when you target people with comparable interests and demographics.
  6. Target keywords – When you embed specific target keywords in your content, you can appear above all when customers search for an exact term. The advantage of keyword targeting is that you can modify them to fit the season, the holiday, and so on.

You can also customize your keywords for targeting a precise demographic audience.

5. It helps easy conversions.

It’s as if you’re hand-feeding an easy way for customers to buy products with PPC adverts. Because when someone clicks on one of your adverts, they are directed to a landing page.

The landing page acts as the next step that encourages visitors to the purchasing process, such as submitting their contact information or buying something.

A page with a contact form or a quote form, or even a page where users can purchase a product in one click you might have seen “Purchase Now” are all examples of landing pages.

It is considered an easy way because no matter how your landing page is set up, the customer will go to it in the first place after clicking your ad. In this way, it is the perfect opportunity to feed your target audience.

6. It generates higher revenue.

Undoubtedly! PPC ads help fetch higher revenue quickly as more qualified traffic is derived to your website.

When you make a winning bid for an ad in the market, they are on board. It means they’re serving people searching for the same target keyword.

PPC strategy allows you to take up the valuable real estate to appear on the top; this helps your website gain more traffic.

The top three paid ads that appear on search engine results pages receive 41% of clicks on average. As a result, ad clicks account for roughly half the total clicks on the first page of results.

Why should you hire a PPC management service firm?

PPC needs undivided attention – it’s not just that you forget it once you’ve placed an ad. For a perfect momentum, it requires constant updates.

If you’re leading a busy business, you’ll not be able to manage a campaign by yourself.
There comes the agency that could manage your PPC campaign smartly and make some decent moves to help you grow in the industry.

Below mentioned are some additional benefits of a PPC campaign:

The expert benefit

Are you aware of PPC?

Are you skilled for it?

If you have never handled a PPC campaign before or you are not even aware of it, you need to be highly knowledgeable to handle the PPC tactics.

It will be challenging to touch desired goals, especially when you’re an entrepreneur.

There’s another option to train someone out of your employees, but this will kick down your employee strength.

Hiring a PPC management agency is the easiest solution where you can throw it all on them to get you results.

They are time savers.

The most beneficial factor is when you hire a PPC Agency, it saves you a lot of time.
It takes time to be an expert. Also, your campaign needs to be monitored consistently. Otherwise, you’re more likely to see no improvement.
Checking on business and being busy with the deals leaves no time behind to handle the campaign.
So, why not hire us today? We’ll make it easy-peasy!!

You’ll get the same as you need.

If you are looking for the service mentioned above, like targeting precise demographics, remarketing campaigns, targeting keywords, the expert PPC service knows all of them.

You’ll get your needs sorted in context to PPC management.

Note- Research is critical before hiring any PPC agency; not every firm works similarly. Ensure they provide you good service with all the strategy options.

Your campaign is crafted with professional hands.

You get the expert working for you.

They’ve qualified pieces of training to handle the campaign and understand it from scratch.

They know how to bring success, so why take any chances? Hire The Pro to get you sorted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PPC?

Pay-per-click, or PPC, is an online advertising approach in which advertisers pay only when someone clicks on their ad. PPC advertising can be done through Websites, social media or search engines.

What is a PPC management service?

With the PPC management service, you get expert handling of your PPC campaign with customized PPC strategies. It includes services like strategy development, ad copy, bid management etc.

What are the charges of a PPC management service?

A small-to-midsize business spends $9000 to $10000 per month on PPC. Ad spends and management are all-inclusive in the costs. Usually, agencies charge for the service as a percentage of ad spend, but some have fixed charges.


Your best partner awaits you!

If you genuinely want to extract the benefits of your PPC campaign, Kinex media is ready to help!
Kinex Media is a full-service digital agency that can take care of your online presence, which means we offer a lot more services than just PPC. Here’s the list of services we offer:

SEO SERVICES: SEO and PPC happen to be good friends!
SEO is a strong game in which Kinex can help you appear on the top and increase the traffic on your website.

Social Media Marketing: Kinex Media will help you with social media marketing if you want to reach out to your target audience on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also, we’ll assist you in creating the ideal posts and establishing yourself as a leader in the industry.

Email Marketing: Email marketing always keeps you in the eye of your most valuable customers. We’ll assist you in creating the ideal email content to keep your customers visiting back for more.

Content Marketing: You might have heard this very famous phrase, “Content is King,” and it’s very accurate. You’ll not shine if you do not post attractive and unique content. Our content experts will create what’s needed to keep your audience engaged.

Web Designing: We create the perfect website design that’s perfect to attract potential visitors. We’ll work to get the best designs that match your business and give a seamless user experience.

Kinex is committed to providing you with quality service. We’ll hit the books about your company, industry, competitors, and significant business objectives before acting as your digital representative.

If you’re looking for the best services, we’re here to assist you!

We’ll be overjoyed to see you flourish!

Call us now at 647-496-6189 to get a free estimate ormore information about our services.