SEO Audit Services: Healthy Check For Your Website

To determine why a website is not ranking, an SEO Audit may be required, which includes assessing the technical aspects of the site, Off-page SEO, On-Page SEO, Issues with User Experience, Structural Issues with Website, Issues with the User Experience, Content gaps & opportunities, Competitive marketplace insights.

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Are You Long Striving For Being In #1 Results? Where Are You Lacking?

If you've been employing SEO efforts on your website to attempt to be at the top of the search results for a long time and everything is failing, it's time for an SEO audit. Kinex Media not only points out weaknesses in your website, but we also provide fixes in the form of an actionable approach.

Our SEO Audit Includes:

  • A comprehensive analysis of a website's weaknesses and strengths.
  • Find out the determinants of a website's rank in Search Positions.
  • An all-in-all report which includes: Backlink Report & Competitive Scorecard.

If you want in-depth information about our SEO audit services, please keep reading!

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"The Kinex team goes above and beyond to ensure that our needs are met, and they are always willing to spend the extra time to make sure that we understand everything and that we are making the right decisions."

- Blayne Lastman,   (Cofounder Badboy Furniture Canada)
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How does our SEO Audit work?

We begin the SEO Audit by thoroughly examining your website from top to bottom. It enables us to devise the most effective plan for clearing the obstacles that are preventing you to rank on top. Here are some of the metrics that we consider during the analysis, since each of them helps in attracting search engine crawlers to varying degrees:

  • Plagiarized Content 
  • Broken or Dangling Links 
  • Same Title Tags 
  • Unoptimized or Plagiarized Meta Descriptions
  • Web Copy Editing 
  • Validation of HTML Code 
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility 
  • Page Loading Times
  • Site Statistics
  • Error Pages

Total Time Required By SEO Audit Services

We usually require 30 days to deliver the best outcomes with our SEO Services. We don’t only restrict “Audit Services” to discovering weaknesses in the website; instead, it also includes “Framing the best strategies to cope with the errors on your website.”

What Is The Benefit Of Investing In Our SEO Audit Package?

SEO Audit Package

Our SEO audit services are significantly beneficial for those who find it challenging to rank for specific keywords. Moreover, if you doubt that the following could be the potential problems with your website, but do not know how to verify them, then it is the right time for you to remember Kinex Media:

  • You believe your website is sluggish, but you are unsure whether this is correct.
  • Duplicate Content appears to be an issue for you, but you are unaware how to check for it.

We will carry out an audit that investigates your website comprehensively, including web design, on-page SEO & off-page SEO. Our web audit plans significantly help those who have tried everything but cannot rank on the 1st Page of SERP and those who have just launched their website and want to set everything right initially.

SEO Audit: On-Page SEO


It is pointless to have gorgeous websites that do not rank. Typically, clients that approach us express similar questions “Despite having a visually appealing web design, my website is not ranking. Where is the issue?” Our response is ‘On-Page SEO.’

When it comes to On-Page SEO, the most common offender is Content. 

In that case, the Content is either thin or duplicated. We have right tools to assess it.

SEO Audit: Off-Page SEO


If you are not giving the right direction to your off-page efforts, you lose 80% of your chances to rank on top. The off-page SEO is majorly constituted of the number of links & anchor text used. Kinex Media is equipped with a suite of services to carry out an analysis as it is a complex task and can’t be accomplished without having a highly skilled team.

SEO Audits: Server Files That Affect SEO

Server Files That Affect SEO

Various server files, such as.htaccess, robots.txt, and sitemap.xml, are required to instruct Google how to crawl the website. Many website owners do not have optimized copies of such files, thus impacting the rankings.


As a distributed configuration file, it not only specifies but also applies configuration directives to your site, resulting in a seamless route for how search engines and people are routed to your site. The presence of an unoptimized.htaccess file can have a major influence on rankings.


This prohibits Google crawlers from accessing specified directories or files from your website like the ones that dilute the topic of your website or create dead ends to robots, such as PDF files.


The sitemap file must be updated to provide spiders with a clear path across your website. This file offers a collection of links followed by short descriptions to assist the Google bot in understanding what the page is about. Furthermore, giving a list allows the bot to crawl the page in a hierarchical manner.

Additional Server Configuration Factors

Aside from the ones described above, various server parameters such as page load speeds, correct 404 pages, and HTTP Headers can have a significant influence on ranking.

Frequently Asked Questions: SEO Audit Services

1. What are the inclusions of our SEO Audit Services?

Kinex Media professional SEO Audit Services Includes:

2. What is our cost structure for SEO Audit Services?

Our SEO audit services range from $650 to $14,000.

Let’s Begin With SEO Audit Services

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