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Kinex Media is a reputable SEO Agency in Niagara Falls, Canada, delivering the best of its services since 2008. The tailor made strategies for every sized business - small, medium & large, make it a center of appreciation among B2B & eCommerce Clients.

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Influencer Endorsed Backlinks

We work with the most affluent influencers of your industry that can make your product and service, reach your audience rapidly. Our content insures that you get a firm hold on them.


E-commerce Based SEO

We are a team of visionaries that turns visitors into customers,and make your business a successful selling platform. We are apt in handling e-commerce based portals to small storefronts.


White Hat Leads

Organic leads and traffic are linked to reports of unpaid searches. And it is seen as the best way to gain transaction for the growth of the business. We put a lot of efforts in touching down the targets and outshining the competitors.


Quality Content

Become an authority in your industry, content marketing will transform your web presence, lead conversion and fosters brand loyalty.


Competitive Edge

The organic SEO techniques will stimulate income by boosting keywords and better backlinking. Attract a fresh stream of requests or clients who are interested in buying your products or services.


Customised Service Solutions

We understand that every business has different wants. And we never try to give our customers one fits all solutions but bend as per their specific requirement and address their issues with our bespoke strategies.

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Looking for an SEO Expert? Here is Why to Choose Us!

We are not simply an SEO agency but a company ready to offer the best business guidance for your excellence. We are a competent centre for all types of digital services such as website development, design, content marketing, Social Media Marketing and SEO. Why us?


01. Keyword Identification

Driving an SEO campaign with quality keywords saves efforts, and that is why we utilize advanced SEO tools to generate keywords. There are several aspects that we take into consideration, such as the target market, search terms and metrics. By ensuring optimized content, we help you generate better leads and website traffic. Our experienced SEO team will find the highest volume and lowest competition keywords relevant to your brand. We shall correctly utilize them to drive more sales, converts, and orders.

02. Quality Results

Do you want to increase revenue to up to 124%, enjoy free organic traffic, rank on Google's the first page or other search engines? Regardless of the eCommerce website you run, our SEO expert team will ensure that you enjoy plenty of results from your campaign. We are focused on helping online businesses of all sizes cut through the clutter and achieve their goals in the shortest time possible. We engage directly, whether it's technical SEO, On-page, Off-page SEO, or link building strategies. We shall help your customers find you easily on SERPs and attract more potential customers with every effort.

03. Best Website Optimizers

An SEO-friendly website is ensured right from the development and designing stages. We specialize in creating friendly search engine websites because we understand how crucial it is. While developing your website, we put more emphasis on navigation, page titles, and description. By now, you may know the impact of duplicate content on a website. Our content creation team is entirely reliable as it possesses the best experience for penning down engaging and unique content. We follow a smart and comprehensive plan to help us optimize your SEO results on and off your website.

04. SEO Experienced Team

Working with an experienced team offers a smooth and silky trail for incredible results. If you want an experienced SEO agency with an in-house SEO team, we are indeed the answer. Search Engine Optimization is a process, and we allow no compromises when it comes to driving results. We provide professional and white hat SEO assistance to cultivate business growth and success. We certainly handle everything about your website, whether its content, website design, website development, redesign, or revamp. We can also help enhance your website and maintain it.

05. Reporting

When you choose us, we shall always report to you about every aspect of your SEO campaign. We engage in open communication to provide a clear picture of what is taking place at the back-end. Where the change is required, we shall assess your site and determine what works best depending on your goal, competition, and business. You can also always express your views about your project and ambitions. Anything regarding SEO and websites? We are here for professional service delivery!