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Kinex Media is a reputable SEO Agency in Waterloo, Canada, delivering the best of its services since 2008. The tailor made strategies for every sized business - small, medium & large, make it a center of appreciation among B2B & eCommerce Clients.

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Greater Customer Reach

Our SEO company waterloo helps expand the website in a number of sectors and meet the goal of securing a large customer base. We are the SEO consultants who strive in the future to make you tenfold.


Webmaster Pro

Our expert team have complete understanding of google console, that allows them to incorporate the execution of any campaign without errors and higher efficiency.


Organic Leads

Organic leads and traffic relate to unpaid search outcomes. And it is regarded as the best way to gain momentum for a company’s growth. And we are leaders in doing so.


Greater Exposure

For brand equity, internet recognition is essential. In essence, it implies your page power will shoot up and have more visibility for particular keyword searches.


Higher ROI

By boosting keywords and improving backlinking, organic SEO techniques will stimulate income. Attract a fresh influx of applications or consumers interested in buying your products or services.


Flexible Approach

We understand that each organization has different circumstances and that separate alternatives are needed to improve their situation and that’s how we do it.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

Analyze the Latest Rankings. We are more than happy to accomplish your needs.

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Why Choose Us?

For better website ranking, better traffic, and better business, contact Kinex Media. We will divert 81% of the internet users to your brand. These online users rely on a search engine to buy a product or service. If you get your website of Waterloo optimized by us, you can expect fabulous results.


01. Local SEO

Your website needs to rank organically for people searching in the neighbourhood. We will get your website found and visited by local buyers looking for your product or service. We will increase high-quality website traffic that is ready to make a purchase. You don't have to worry about the local competition about taking your potential clients, revenue or brand. Once users start visiting your website, your brand will transform into the most sought after one.

02. Optimizing Google Maps

Google Local Pack is the front of a website that helps searches like near me by users to arrive and buy from a website. We will have your business be found in Google Maps. The website traffic will cause significant website growth, and you will receive quite many phone calls from Google Map users. People visit Google Maps after searching for a keyword with near me included. Our optimization will ensure that you get your prospects. It is no magic but our efforts that will do the job.

03. Effective Link Building

Link building is when your website link is available on another website. There are ways to have them. One is by paying and the other with natural practices. We will assist your website in having high-quality backlinks, which will help it rank better in SERPs. Paying for a backlink is not suitable as it is considered spammy. They may bring results quickly but would turn negative after some time. We work on natural practices and advise our clients to have that too as it will stand in position for the long-term. The more authoritative backlinks your website has, the more power your business will show.

04. Voice Search Marketing

Voice search is where consumers speak through voice searching devices like Siri, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa to search online for questions, answers, products and services. We will optimize your website accordingly that brings the voice of exploring consumers to you. Your website will be the direct answer to a searcher's query. The method of searching via voice device, software and tools is becoming more and more popular. So leaving that option out should never cross your mind.

05. Website Reputation

Website reputation is managing the reviews of online users posted via Google My Business. More than 90% of online consumers are reading online reviews. If your competitors have more or better online reviews than you, you know people will likely use their products and services. Under website reputation, we will create a system that generates high-quality reviews from real users. It will save your time as you don't have to ask them again. When your website has more high-quality reviews, Big Daddy's algorithm will pay heed to the situation. And will swing your website to the right position.