Not all pages over the website offer the same leverage as others. This is why one should emphasize the important pages to improve conversions. When you optimize the critical pages, you can explore a bundle of benefits ranging from better navigation to a higher audience.

The layout for every website is different; however, there are these four pages that every website should optimize.

Let’s see what pages these are and how they could be emphasized.

1) Home Page

The home page is the heart of every website, and it should be able to express the correct message. You can use bold titles and put the essential details in the alignment front or middle.

Create a navigation structure that is easy to identify. The flow should not be restricted, i.e. where to click next should the applicant is able to identify.

Home Page

This is possible by using appropriate CTA over the page. At just about the same time, you can ensure many CTA’s, while concentrating on the scale, text, font and colour of the buttons.

2) The ‘About Us’ page

No one would ever browse to the ‘About Us‘ page on your website until they are interested in making use of your services.

To ensure that the visitor receives the precise message right from the moment they visit the website, you’ll need to include crucial information over the fold. Using one or two CTA’s and putting material that manages to get your audience hooked is never a bad idea.

3) Blog Page

The blog pages are something that only a few interested users would like to explore. To make your blog look impressive, you will need to adhere to two things: 

  • Organization
  • Information. 

Your blog should open up to the information and ideas that the readers would love to explore. 

Blog Page

The blog ought to be well structured; ensuring content reaches the readers you are focused on. Make use of tags like the new, most common option of editor etc.

CTAs can be used to make it easier for applicants to sign up for the blog or share it on social media channels.

This way, you are not only giving them access to the content posted by you but also increasing user engagement.

4) ‘Contact Us’ Page

By the time the user has reached the ‘contact us‘ page, you know that he or she is interested in availing your services. 

To make sure that things do not fall apart at this stage, you will need to maintain the important fields above the fold. 

contact us

These are email addresses, contact numbers, address maps, mail addresses etc. You need to maintain a balance in terms of the fields that you are including and excluding. 

Asking for too many details can be annoying, and hence the user might navigate the site. Utilize CTAs that will make it easier for the user to contact you in the easiest manner.

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