5 Secret SEO Hacks Every SEO Expert Must Know – Video

Looking to save your time while implementing your SEO tasks?

Follow these SEO hacks to get faster results, and that too, with a certain ease. These hacks save time and help you a lot while executing an SEO campaign.

  • Extract URLs from sitemap.

Use the sitemap extraction script and apply the function =getSitemap(A2) to extract the URL list from any sitemap URL. Place them in an Excel sheet for further usage.

  • Generate meta titles and descriptions.

Install the SheetGPT extension in your web browser. Generate meta titles and descriptions as per your keywords within the Excel sheet.

  • Extract meta titles and descriptions by using a tool.

Open the Rakko Tools website and select the “extract title and metadata from URLs.” Put your keywords in this tool and extract meta titles and descriptions.

  • Extract meta titles and descriptions in an Excel sheet.

Apply the functions “=IMPORTXML(A2, “//title”)” & “=IMPORTXML(A2, “//meta[@name=’description’]/@content”)” in the Excel sheet’s cells. By doing this, you will extract the meta titles and meta descriptions for any website’s URL.

  • Find the email of a website.

Find and install the email extractor extension from the Chrome Web Store. Use it to extract email from any website you want.


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