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Website Maintenance Services

Kinex Media helps you make your website 100% Secure, Fast Loading, and High Performing

Make Your Website Secure

Why Do You Need Website Maintenance Services?

Timely website maintenance can prevent your site from getting hacked or crashed and lower the conversion rate. Apart from that, you need website maintenance Toronto services to:

1.Avoid Expensive Catastrophes

2.Boost Customer Acquisition Rate

3.Keep Website Updated & Error Free

4.Optimize Site Speed

3.Have An Updated Backup

4.Maintain Website's Reputation

Enhance Your Conversion Rate Upto 60%

Timely website maintenance services increase organic traffic & conversion rate as it is supposed to make a website error-free & wholly optimized, which makes the user's journey smooth & complaint free.

The website maintenance process begins with a Site Audit that finds the potential flaws in a website. Our team of experienced website developers check if all the codes are running without any problems & the site is free from injectable malware. This ensures the maintenance of data privacy & confidentiality. Apart from that, CMS is updated with the latest updates. Not only this, but the entire website's content, be it services pages, product pages or blogs, is checked & optimized thoroughly for plagiarism, topic relevance, SEO & User friendliness. The website undergoes regular performance & SEO scans to find even the minutest scope of improvement in the strategies.

The most important of all - 'Backups'. We keep updating a site's backup to deal with exceptional cases of hacking or crashing. Kinex Media always prepares a long-term strategy that enables us to deal with the most complex problems. Be it about getting support for multi-sites, staging sites or SSL setups; you can always count on Kinex Media.


Frequently Asked Questions

I have a small website. Do I need website maintenance? Every site, be it small or giant, needs website maintenance for better performance & to get rid of hacking or crashing threats. Apart from that, website maintenance helps to optimize the conversion rate.

What does your website maintenance package include? Hotfixes, disaster recovery, web edits, design work, uptime monitoring, preparing timely backups & optimizing design work. We can customize website maintenance packages as per business’s specific needs.

What is the cost of website maintenance services? We customize the cost structures based on your business’s goals & needs. To get a free quote about our website maintenance, please get in touch with us.

Can you help my website to get responsive? Our website maintenance packages compulsorily include a service named responsive web design . Because we know, Google considers this aspect as one of the ranking factors.

Projects We Have Maintained & Safeguarded Against Threats!

Kinex Media provides services whose quality impresses the clients & makes them willing to keep working with us for a long time!