12 Ways To Order Domino’s Pizza With Technology


Pizza lovers can have their pizza while they are moving or sitting anywhere with technology. With an ease of technology, the delicious pizza ordering has also become easy. The very renowned pizza chain, Domino’s has leveraged smart technology to make ordering as easy as opening your mouth. With just a few clicks or a voice message, you can get your pizza at your doorsteps. For placing an order you need to first create an account on Dominos website and fill the necessary details like Name, Address, and favorite order. With the favorite order option, a customer can make a reorder or can customize the previous one.

Here are the modern 12 ways through which you can order your pizza

Let’s have an insight

Google Home

You are not in a mood to eat home food and craving for a mouthwatering pizza with overloaded cheese. Not feeling like typing and use your desktop but you want a pizza in front of you. Simply take an advantage of Google home and say “OK Google, talk to Domino’s”. With the availability of Easy Order system, you can place a new order or can place the order most recently you did. Not only this but after placing an order you can track the pizza and get the details where the process has reached.

Dominos Pizza App

Google Home - Domino's

Facebook Messenger

You don’t have any call connectivity and trying to order a pizza but you are connected with some Wi-Fi connection and having access to your Facebook messenger. The app is not only meant for chatting and uploading pictures rather ordering a pizza with an app is just as simple as uploading any picture. All you need to do is send a message “Easy Order” to Domino’s and you will get an instant reply to build a new order or reorder your recent order. Once the order is placed you will get a tracking message within messenger only. So it’s interesting and usable when you not able to make a call or running out of balance.

Domino's - Order By Messanger


Let’s not forget our favorite desktops through which we started our internet phase. With official Domino’s website Domino’s.com, you can build your order easily and can place it. The website is so quick and responsive that in just five clicks you will be done with your order. The process is very simple anyone despite age and with little knowledge of using the internet can do it.

Domino's - Order By Desktop


Using slangs and Emojis is a new trend of doing conversation with kith and kin. It is a good way of expressing your feelings with an Emoji. Different faces expressions not only make people laugh rather deliver your message perfectly. When you are hungry most widely used emoji is a slice of pizza. Now with that pizza slice emoji, you can make your easy order place by simply texting that emoji. Isn’t this very amazing and interesting, even very quick way to make an order?

Domino order by text


Why go for the old fashioned phone calls to place your pizza order? Take the benefit of social media where most of the people are active and have access to various web applications. Twitter is the one through which the tweeters can order. They do not have to write for 140 characters all they need to do is type Easy Order by using hashtags #Domino’s #pizza. You can also use the emoji of a pizza slice here also.

Domino's - Order By Tweet

Zero Click Ordering

With advanced technology, the things are available with a single click. For this, you need to open up the Domino’s Zero click app and after 10 seconds your order will be placed automatically. It’s really an easy method of ordering your cheesy pizza pie.

Domino's - Order By Zero Click


You are tired and can’t get up to pick your phone for ordering a pizza. Take advantage of Amazon Alexa. This is a new, modern and an easy way of ordering while lying on the bed. This Alexa can hear your voice across your room. So you need not get up for doing an order. Just speak for your order, for any repeat order and track your order it will do all for you. The future of technology is here.

Domino's - Order By Alexa

Samsung Smart Tv

Another new, modern and easy way to order is through Samsung Smart Tv. So we can say that we are living in a golden age of technology. With an embedded online option on Samsung Smart Tv by Domino’s to place a new order, repeat it and track it with Domino’s Tracker. You can order it while enjoying your favorite sport or drama show.

Domino's - Order By Smart TV

Ford Sync

Do you own a Ford smart car? Yes, then why not to order your pizza smartly. If you are smart, then your ways should also be smart. You are returning back from your office and feeling like having pizza in your dinner meal than with the help of Ford Sync AppLink can put that time to good use and order dinner on the way home. How you can order it. You need to open an app and then just speak “Place My Easy Order”.

Domino's - Order By Ford Sync

Smart Watch

Wearing a smart watch paired with your Smartphone. Today the watches are not meant for telling time only they are beyond your thinking. They work smart by providing so many functionalities to you. Ordering Domino’s Pizza can be amazing for you through your watch. From ordering and tracking your Domino’s Easy Order on APPLE WATCH, ANDROID WEAR, and PEBBLE SMARTWATCH has made it easy for the tech savvy people.

Domino's - Order By Smart Watch


Many of the “SIRI” lovers when in free time love to conversate with it. Sometimes you feel like speaking your good voice and wanted to order a pizza. The technology is so advanced that you just have to speak with the function created named Dom will assist you in ordering a pizza. This can work on Domino’s app for Android and iPhone and hangs on your every word.


Domino's - Order By Voice

Mobile & iPad

Domino’s fast and responsive mobile and Ipad app works perfectly that takes your order quickly with no much loading time. When you’re signed in, just tap REORDER on your personalized homepage, and a few taps later your order is headed for the oven. You will get a tracking message and with that, you can track your delivery order.

Domino's - Order By mobile ipad

Summing up

Technology will not let you crave anymore for Cheesy scrumptious pizza. With the knowledge and proper use of technology, anything can be possible. If a pizza chain can make it very easy to order pizza with technology then think how many things can be done with it. It’s the need of an hour to utilize the best possible use of technology. Don’t let it go untouched.