E-Commerce Website Design Tips to Attract More Customers

e-commerce Site Design

A visitor’s decision for making the final purchase depends greatly upon the website designing. Attributes ranging from the basic product images to placement of CTA buttons are known to influence a visitor’s purchase decision greatly. We have compiled top e-Commerce website design tips that would help your online store to attract and retain all customers.

Endorse Impressive Images

When you use well-composed product images, you are actually taking a step towards attracting potential customers. This will not only help in driving the sales but also aids in solidifying a firm reputation through sharing the images over social media platforms. Make sure that for your website you rely only upon high-quality product photography so that the audience could see that you are offering them the best.

When your website acquires the right blend of images, you should consider creating something exceptional that is different from the layout of traditional website. Instead of displaying static product catalogs you can feature some sliders or photo galleries.

How to start: Create a photo gallery that comes with an expressive gallery element that offers vast range of designing options in the form of spacing and columns.

photo gallary

Framing Attractive Links

Your website’s design should be able to lead the visitors to the exact path that follows while making a purchase. Make sure you rely only upon clear and precise linking strategies as it would help in encouraging conversion. You can make the images clickable so that as soon as the visitor finds them relevant, he or she can click without thinking where to navigate next. Make the text clickable and display buttons to ease out the navigation. The main concern is to let the visitors reach the product pages and the shopping cart product pages without many efforts.

How to start: Create variant links using both text and images. Use of advanced linking techniques would further help in making the navigation a smooth process. You will need to use an embedded code element to create anchor links.

Keep the Shopping Experience Easy

One thing that you must have probably noticed in all the leading E-commerce websites is the ease of shopping. It is best when you keep the eCommerce website experience simple yet convincing for the visitors.

make shopping easier

The design options that we suggest you should follow includes:

  • Maintain multiple “Add to Cart” buttons for a single product.
  • Use of cart hover that suggests that the item has been added to the cart along with details such as subtotal and quick checkout button.
  • On every page offer links to the cart.
  • Use noticeable and bright colors for the CTAs so that they are easy to find.

How to start: The ‘Add Product Page’ would let you customize the way products are displayed to the visitors. You can experiment from time to time with images and descriptions.

Keep the Site Clean and Organized

It you want your visitors to get the feel of a high-end retail store when they visit your website, then the best that you can do is to keep your store clean and cluttered. This way the customers manage to find the brand to be familiar. A messy design would dissuade visitors from spending time on their website, hence diminishing the scope for conversion.

E-Commerce Website Design Tips Keep your site clean and organised

How to start: You can rely upon flat and minimal design styles as they are effective in gripping the visitors. Your focus should be over simple attributes such as space, grids and typography. With storefront customization tools make, you can make it easy to use the space and grids over the websites in a desired manner.

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