For any eCommerce store, holidays are undeniably the busiest time of year. Considering the onset of the holiday season, many of you must have gone through several articles suggesting ways to boost your PPC campaign.

Your website design plays a prominent role in converting your visitors into customers. It is what a customer notices in the first place and what will lead to a higher dwelling rate. Your website should be designed to capture the customer’s attention and prompt them to check out your products and services. For this to happen, you need to follow some tips and tricks that the professionals use. First, use taglines that resonate with your customer’s intent. Second, your web design must answer the queries of your customer. Third, keep the content plain and straightforward by matching it with the theme of your design. Keep it concise and let the customers discover you themselves.

For those who belong to the B2B sector, time never sleeps, not even during the holiday rush. Be it Christmas, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday, you need to stay proactive while serving the clients. The same goes for PPC managers. There is still so much work that needs to be done during the holidays.

Here are the top five strategies that you need to follow to prepare your PPC account for the holiday season.

  1. Start Analyzing the Previous Lead Cycles

Thinking that you cannot get leads during holidays is nothing but a misconception. In fact, the lead volume can increase drastically in case you are a part of the retail industry. You must review your business’s historical performance during the holidays and plan accordingly. You need to adjust and modify the ad, keywords, and bids to avail of the expected return on investment (ROI).

Analyzing The Privious Leads

  1. Revise Your Budget With The Client

In case you tend to corner yourself in the dark shadows during holidays, you need to come out. Slowing down the activities because of low conversion rate or less staff to follow up, is not justified. Settle for a budget before the holidays arrive and plan accordingly. Based upon the budget, decide the strategies that you will follow to keep branded keywords active in PPC, for brand defense and lead generation.

  1. Gear Up Your Campaigns

You can always get some advantage from the downtime that occurs on holidays. One can utilize this time for performing activities that they usually ignore due to scarcity of time. You can start events such as:

Flushing out Keyword: Make sure you flush out ads that use low-quality keywords and ads that are not performing well.

Advertisement test Clean-up: Review all the existing ad tests and clear out the weaker ads.

New Ad Copy Writing: Creating competitive ads is a time-consuming task. Make sure you utilize this time to create immensely challenging ads. Use the downtime for creating, ad testing matrix.

  1. Consider Remarketing

Remarketing your business is a great way to start building audiences. You can do things such as creating a list of the visitors who have visited your site during the holidays but did not convert. You can create a special offer for all those who caused some sort of conversion action. You can appreciate and thank them through the white paper, webinar, or anything else that manages to amaze them.

  1. Start Bidding on Competitor Terms

Never restrict the PPC budget during the last weeks of the year. You can perform some competitive research and find out what and where the competitor sites are spending. In case your competitors are taking a step back from advertising,  enhance your bidding on competitor brands.

PPC marketing cannot be taken for-taken-for-granted the holiday season. Make sure your business is ready on all fronts to accommodate and except more traffic during the holidays.

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