Clutch Honors Kinex Media with Best Digital Agency Award

kinexmedia clutch award

Toronto, Sept. 8, 2016/Kinex Media/ – Winning a ‘Clutch‘ Award is no less than winning any other prestigious award. Based in Washington D.C., The Clutch Group is an independent research firm that follows strict guidelines and proprietary framework before announcing winners in certain categories. From conducting personal interviews with company’s clients to critically analyzing company’s work, Clutch prepares the data and lists the most deserved winners every year. The company exemplifies the hard work of companies that work ahead of the time and sense what is going to come on interactive screens.

Combining unbridled imagination with technology and data isn’t easy. However, Kinex Media does it on daily basis. Recently, honored Kinex Media with one of the best Digital Agencies in the Canada.

“Digital world is fairly competitive and every company dreams of finding the best tools to employ for cost-effective solutions. We employ world’s finest talent that constructs ideas around the project and brings out the unimagined things forward to enhance the company’s ROI.” – Karan Sharma, Co-founder Kinex Media


The complexity of developing a customer-centric website, doing breakthrough designing and running successful marketing campaigns aren’t easy tasks to perform. A strongly coded website offers unforgettable user experience and carefully constructs the coding pattern, which smoothes the overall journey of the visitors. The design captures the attention and conveys the message in the visual form that further helps the marketing department to create content and connect with the customers on an emotional level.

“Winning a Clutch reflects using industry’s resources in the most suitable way and welcoming desired results for the business. A successful Digital Agency has the perfect synchronicity with its departments to tackle the unforeseen challenges.The team that redefines creativity and innovates is the team that carries the torch forward. Right now, we are doing that.” Amir Waheed, Co-founder Kinex Media

Kinex Media’s founders believe that the success comes to those who prioritize customer’s satisfaction and work in the direction to achieve the goal. Team Kinex believes in creating a perfect amalgam of coding, designing and marketing to achieve success milestones for their clients’ projects.

Beneath are some words from their happy customers;

  • “We are a biotech company dedicated to developing immunoassay kits and had an old website and wanted to re-design a new ecommerce website. I got in touch with Kinex Media in Feb. Although it was a new area to them, they quickly responded to our calls and emails every time and did their best to meet our requirements. Kinex Media was very professional and did a great job. Our company is very happy with our new website design. If you’re looking to do a professional website for a company, I really recommend them.” – BioAim
  • “Partnering with Kinex Media was one of the best decisions our company has made. They’re much more than just a company, they are a true partner. The level of service they have provided is exceptional. Not only they went beyond with the design and functionality of our site but also managed our marketing campaigns and really helped boost our business. They are by far one of the best web design company in Toronto.” – Lavish Limo
  • “Kinex Media had a great understanding of their industry. They had great technical ability and any items we wanted addressed they saw to it they were completed in a timely manner. Very pleasant and professional and always happy to address any changes. Thank you for a great job” – YM INC.
  • “Dealing with Kinex Media was a great experience. Amir was very professional, reliable and knowledgeable and delivered our website in a timely manner.  I highly recommend Kinex Media and Amir and would happily use them again for any future projects.” – Miskas

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