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best Guerilla-Marketing

Unconventional is the new currency of today’s era. If you can make that one appeal differentiating you from lakhs of triggers, getting you the attention and recognition of your audience than your 90% work is done.

Guerrilla marketing works on the same tactic. It is a smartly crafted strategy that provokes the maximum result but with minimum cost limit.

The Guerrilla Marketing ideas is all about going out of the box, using anything to everything. There are simply no rules other than being creative. Get a stroke of creativity; take a ride with us and get inspiration from the heavens of Uniqueness.

Top Picks Of Guerrilla Marketing

Station 1: Social Appeals

Under this unconventional marketing, the main aim is to grab the attention of the public and make them realize upon social issues and also increase their awareness like we do on Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and others.

Below are some examples of quoting UNICEF, Acat, Iams, and governmental initiatives for a better society.

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 Social appeals Guerrilla Marketing

Station 2: Brand Power

This form of guerilla marketing is carried with the initiative to bring limelight towards a specific brand through an innovative presentation. It can be through billboards, pop-ups, technology or innovative challenges. Some of which are depicted under.

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Low cost marketing ideas

Successful Guerrilla Marketing campaigns

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Best Guerilla Marketing

Best Guerilla Marketing Campaigns

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