Several things in the marketing field are often under-appreciated. People usually neglect the hard work and planning that occurs behind the scenes. For an onlooker, making snappy comments is easy while ignoring the plan and efforts. More specifically, inbound marketing is one of the most misunderstood areas. Due to some marketers using myth-based strategies, people often do not appreciate the inbound marketing strategies.

Let’s have a look at these myths and bust with reason and sound logic.

1) Only Big Companies Can Do Inbound Marketing

When we asked a few companies if they were opting for inbound marketing, most of them came with a quick reply ‘We are a small to medium budget company, and hence we cannot do inbound marketing.’ What makes most of the companies believe that inbound marketing is for big companies is the inclusion of terms such as Marketing Automation, CRM integration, sales process, workflow analysis and lead scoring.

Hearing all these terms, companies assume that inbound marketing is only for big-budget companies having sufficient resources with them. However, in reality, these features can be calculated by using specific software and features without much difficulty. It is why businesses of all sizes can make use of an Inbound approach.

Only For Big Budget Companies

2) Inbound Marketing Can Replace SEO

One of the most common myths regarding inbound marketing is that it can replace SEO. SEO is the process that involves bringing qualified visitors to the website through search engines and other platforms. However, inbound marketing is the practice that helps you in making conversions, i.e. converting the traffic into leads and eventually making leads into sales. Even though the role of SEO & inbound marketing is different, both of them have the same goal. This way, none of them can counter the effect of other’s significance.

SEO In Inbound Marketing

With inbound marketing, things like keyword research and on-page optimization are ignored, which affects the overall task of attracting quality links.

3) Inbound marketing Will Fade Very Soon

In case you have been dealing with this myth for long, then it is time to break free. Research shows that inbound marketing has been there since last 10 years. If it were a fad, it would not have stayed so long.

This marketing technique is an evolved marketing strategy that has been ruling the digital work for years. It is this strategy that lets your business find value, authority and recognition over all online platforms. The number of companies opting for this approach has continued to increase drastically, proving that this is not a fad and will stay for years to come.

Inbound Marketing Will Fade Soon

4) You Cannot Measure ROI with Inbound marketing

When you utilize outbound marketing strategy such as billboard ads, you can definitely not calculate the ROI. However, in case of inbound marketing, everything is conducted online. Hence, measuring the ROI and tracking all the activities through analytic gets easier. You can see the response for each of your posts or ads. Be it the number of views, total clicks, source of traffic, time spent over the post or response to CTAs, you can know all.



Calculate ROI

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