The most common question running in the minds of entrepreneurs is, “Do I require a website for my business?” Well, the answer is YES. You need a good website for your business in the contemporary era. 

Your website must perfectly integrate professional design,act like a lead magnet and sales booster and add a difference to your brand. 

If your business still doesn’t have a website, we will familiarize you with the importance of having one. 

Why have a website for your business?

Well, this is the first question we come across while having communication with the clients. We at Kinex Media are a Custom Web Development Company and suggest each client have a website for their business. 

It is essential to have a strong Search Engine presence ( Google, Yahoo, Bing). The reason is attributed to the fact that customer behaviour keeps on changing daily and with the changing times, everyone has adapted themselves to changing technology.

Nowadays, customers are adopting the digital age. To make it easy for you to understand, Let’s imagine if someone required business or service-related information. They are not going door-to-door for inquiry. They will either call or email to get the information. 

User behaviour has changed completely, and hence, your business needs to have a robust online presence. Processes are tech-driven, and nowadays, everyone wants everything at their fingertips. 

Everyone has a website from salons, ice-cream parlours, restaurants to IT companies, small and mid-sized businesses. Why don’t you?


Your website is the most magical ingredient of success for your business. 

2020 has been the year of advanced technology and automation. Thanks to the pandemic, people were afraid of going out. The businesses having a robust online presence were able to fulfill the needs of customers. 

Each sector is coming up with technical solutions from healthcare, job websites, and telemarketing sectors. 

So you need a website to fulfill your needs in the coming years. A Deloitte’s recent survey states that businesses with a website and strong digital presence:

  • Gained profit and doubled 2X as much revenue per employee.
  • The average employment growth rate increased and was 6X high.
  • Has 4X high revenue growth

Why does your Brand need a Website?

Boosts Visibility 

There is a fantastic clothing store near my house. The clothes are trendy with a wide variety and superb service. But every time I go there, there are always a few customers. What could be the reason?

Not many people are familiar with the shop and its services. Several other options have an official website. So, they have been able to attract more clients despite having average service quickly.

It is a remarkable difference a website makes. Your brand without a website is incomplete. If people don’t know about your brand, then it is nothing. Make your brand rise and shine by hiring an experienced team of web developers to develop a website.

You will see a considerable change in sales and customers.

People judge the credibility of your brand with looks.

According to a survey, more than 75% of people judge whether a company is reliable or not with the looks of its website. If you have an interactive website with great design, there are great chances for you to build a strong level of trust with the clients.

Not having a website will automatically reduce your chances for clients to do business with you or trust you. 

Have a website today!


Enhances your brand credibility 

With smartphones in hand, people have become smart these days. They think multiple times before making an important decision. 

A report states that over 30% of people don’t consider your business if it doesn’t have a website. So, if you want to boost your brand’s credibility and people to know about your business, then hiring a website development company is prime to fulfill your needs. 


Easily Accessible

When it comes to buying a product or service, people prefer a business that is easily accessible and can be connected to wherever and anywhere they want. 

An official website is 24* 7 available for people. They can know anything about your product or service anytime by going through the website and its different pages like who you are, what you sell, and how to contact you. 

It is one of the crucial reasons why your business needs a website. Customers can visit your site anytime, and you can even track their actions.


Your competitors have a website.

If you think you are alone in the market selling that particular product or service, you are undoubtedly wrong.

There are thousands of businesses like you having their websites that are benefiting them a lot. Your competitors have already developed a strong level of trust with the customers, display their products and services in the best possible manner, and have advantages from Google searches.

A Significant part of Online Marketing

The traditional marketing world is obsolete, including print releases, print ads, and flyers. 

Do you know that online marketing is affordable and gives more effective results than conventional marketing strategies?

Online marketing is one of the most beneficial options to promote your brand. Your website is the ultimate destination where you will be sending the entire potential audience from different channels like Social Media, video channels, blogs, and email marketing.

Advantages from Google Searches

You can enter into Google’s search listing through a website. It makes it easy for your clients to find you. 

Now you might be wondering, how is Google search important? Well, we will answer this question. Back in the old days, when clients wanted to partner with a company for business, they used to run an extensive background check and connect with their clients to know the detailed information.

These days, neither anyone has much time, and everyone prefers to search on Google. It is the first thing everyone performs when they hear your brand name. 

If you have a website with proper SEO, you will appear in the top rankings of Google. It will be easy for clients to find you through the relevant keywords on your website. It makes you popular among people and will benefit you considerably in the long run.

Target the clients through the website

A website helps you to attract a large group audience and also enables you to analyze key performance metrics:


Regular visitors – The people visiting your website.

Unique visitors-  People who visit your website one time.

Page Impressions- The number of times a page was read or seen by an audience.

Bounce Rate- People who left immediately without going through the page.

Time on Site – The time people stay on your website.

All these points mentioned above can help you target the right customers using different methods. This way, you can be acquainted with what type of content users like and what you can do to boost their experience for them to stay.

Focus on making a good website and attracting a large audience.

It helps you display your products/services in the best possible way.

Presentation matters a lot. Even when eating food, before taste, we look for how well the dish is presented. 

It is vital, especially if you are a small business with new services and products. You can showcase your services in the best way by having a website. It provides you with creative and unique freedom. 

You can use different beautiful images, colours, videos, and instruction manuals to give a seamless experience to the clients. A beautiful design makes customers hooked and helps you to expand a loyal customer base. 

Great Understanding

A website can help you develop a strong understanding of your clients. A website makes you appear more reliable that ultimately helps in building a solid relationship with the clients. 

While creating a website, we always consider essential aspects like what users like and dislike, and features they like that help offer the most satisfactory user experience. So, deliver your clients a flawless user experience by connecting with a web design and development agency to make an excellent website for you. 

It is necessary to beat your competitors and dominate the market. You can certainly do it by following logical tactics like hiring a diligent marketing team and spending a significant budget on promotions and ad campaigns. This only results in augmented costs and strenuous efforts. You can have a website designed for you at just half the price with an excellent opportunity to add essential elements that your competitors have missed. 

Have a website developed with good UX/UI. A website without an interactive UX/UI is nothing. According to a study, on average, a human being has an attention of 8 seconds. So, this means you have just 8 seconds to show a great impression of your brand. 

So, this blog clearly states why it is significant for every business to have a website. The small and budget-friendly barrier to entry but there is a huge opportunity to grow your business. Kinex Media can help you in getting a great custom website. 


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