Are you looking to list in the league of e-commerce giants like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba? Well, gaining e-commerce success isn’t rocket science. To amplify e-commerce sales, you have to stop avoiding SEO mistakes that you never paid attention to. To increase inbound traffic, adding search-friendly products on the portal does not help. And, forget if you think it would lead to better sales. Often owners do this trick, but sooner or later, they find their idea falls apart.

Honestly, mistakes are a part of the SEO process. So deal with it, and don’t fret. The good news is; they are correctable. But, only after adopting several measures.

Following are some SEO mistakes that can derail your campaign;

#1- Flat Product Descriptions

It’s not like only images will call visitors to action. Proper and well-written information converts potential readers/visitors into sales. If you have flat descriptions that aren’t justifying the quality of products, then your website is digging its grave. Saving money during a marketing campaign is the sign of a successful entrepreneur, but when you have to spend, do it. Hire quality copywriters who can produce quality write-ups and force readers to fill their shopping cart – and make a business transaction. Spend time to produce unique and sales-driven content. Stop relying on content from product manufacturer that isn’t meant to be customer-facing one.

Quality Content Writing

#2 Product Reviews Shortage

One thing that’s universal in the virtual business is; shoppers love reading prior customers’ reviews about products before adding an item to the cart. If reviews on your websites are weak or less, encourage shoppers to review your services and products offering. Every step will build a platform to reach the desired milestones. Don’t forget, reviews are buyers as well as sellers friendly. Strive for great reviews. Visible and highlight reviews to new shoppers, so they make quick decision-making and convert into sales.

Reviews Are Essential

#3 Poor Website URL

You have checked everything from product descriptions, navigation to page layout; still, the website isn’t generating organic traffic that you hoped for. Another big mistake that many owners make is; to ignore the URL hangings. Just like you have implemented keywords on every website page; similarly, URLs hold importance, too. Include ‘speaking’ or keyword-friendly URLs because it will make your website more search-friendly. Include the title of a product, blog post etc. in the URL. It will ultimately help in making an everlasting impression in search engines.

Poor URLConclusion-

Avoiding SEO mistakes will move customers through the conversion process and bring trusted reviews to the website. There’s no magic wand to gain overnight success. It needs determination and passion for avoiding e-commerce SEO mistakes, and surf into the ocean of endless possibilities. “Content is your Skipper.” Pay attention to it. Hey, hey, Captain!

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