The key to a successful business is driving traffic to your website, get conversions and building a relevant audience base. As someone involved in online marketing, the first step towards bringing in sales is to accumulate traffic. So far, the best tool for driving traffic is Display advertising. To make the best out of display advertising and drive more data, here is your quick guide. Even though marketers still appreciate the importance of driving website traffic, a recent report from Sitecore has shown that internet marketing success gets limited because of 4 dominant factors:

• Lack of knowledge about digital marketing
• No resources for computing ROI
• Minimal company support
• Inadequate knowledge about digital marketing

This blog post will let you know about the practices that need to be implemented for driving successful display advertising campaigns and accumulating maximum traffic. This guide will help you demonstrate steps for right traffic and generate sales.

Get Conversions with Traffic

  • Advertisement is as effective as its placement

The placement of an advertisement matters more than you know. Because of the visibility and ease of accessibility, the placement of a display ad is as important as buying the right spot for your showroom. The real estate costs tend to be high in prime locations, but on the other hand, you get a steady flow of customers to more than make up for the expenses. Similarly, display advertisements should be placed on noticeable parts of the website where they should be given ankle of space and surrounding support to bring about more clicks and conversions.

  • Building Buyer Personas

To drive traffic to your website, you must focus on the quality and relevance of content rather than the quantity. It requires you to build an artificial persona of your potential buyers based on personal traits, job role, company type, and more. This representation will allow you to find out where your audience spends most of their time. You can incorporate the slang used by your audience in your ads and can place them at places where it will reach them directly.

  • Responsive Advertisements Sell Well

Google has recently updated the tech community with its plan to undertake indexing keeping responsive and mobile-friendly designs in mind. It makes for a huge wake-up call for designers who are still ignoring the mobile-first designs. Display advertisements need to be responsive in order to be selected in responsive page designs and websites that support them. Any discrepancy in it will lead to less traffic and even lesser conversions.

  • Give A Solid Call-To-Action

It cannot be stressed enough- make your Call-To-Action button visible and in a perfect working condition. Use minimalistic designs, bright colours and active forms of verbs to attract more attention to them. Display advertisements are meant to be the doorways of conversion; efficient CTAs act as perfect keys to open these doorways and achieve a high conversion rate by attracting more traffic and eventually generating better ROIs

  • Simplicity in Optimization

Display Advertisements tend to run into problems like Banner Blindness – which means automatic blindness or ignorance of the visual tunnel towards banners that surround content. You can avoid it by keeping your advertisement banner simple, but creative. Optimizing these banners might look like the easiest thing to do, but make sure to undertake A/B testing to see and improve upon the results.

SEO plays a significant role in bringing traffic to your website. However, only with expert guidance can you convert that traffic into sales. Your landing web page should be easy to use and navigate. If there is a slight confusion at any point of the process, the customers will move to another site. Also, showing 50% off but charging extra in the name of shipping or anything will frustrate your customers. You should develop trust in the hearts of your customers through professional web designs and by saying what you mean. It will enable your customers to share their personal and sensitive information with you

Thus, conversions can be achieved in huge numbers if one knows how to take advantage of traffic driven display advertisements fully. The design and the layout of the web-page need to be compromised to achieve success in this case.

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