Hitting people with a new change, Google has again put a pause to deduplicating the knowledge panel/right-aligned featured snippets.

On January 23, 2020, Google decided to feature only one URL from each site, even if it is in the featured snippet, in an effort to eliminate the redundancy.

In the new change, as of January 29, 2020, the webpage that is shown as a featured snippet on the right side of the desktop screen will remain in the main organic listing as well. This change is basically the rollback of what happened on January 23, 2020.

Snippet Example

Google also mentioned that this change is temporary until it shifts the right-sided featured snippets to the top-left place.

Not just that, Google has fixed the position of the featured snippet to position #1 in the organic search listing, posted by Heba Said


Should We Bother?

In many instances, it is observed that this rolling back has a significant impact on CTR, due to its alignment on the right side of the desktop. Remember those right-side ads results that people did not even bother to look at?

So, guess the featured snippets on the right rail will still get ignored until google moves it to the top left alignment.

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