Google Hummingbird Search Algorithm Update – Know What You Need To Do

Google Humming Bird

An official announcement about Google’s latest Hummingbird update is being termed as the most significant update. This post will let you learn the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques that must be incorporated to ensure that your website continues to enjoy higher rankings concerning the event to have more clients and increased revenue.

An interesting thing to know about this update is its name itself, Hummingbird. The code name hummingbird came because of the similarity with each other. It is the smallest of the bird’s family, yet swift and fast having wings that give a vibrating flight. Thus, the Hummingbird update will help users find the required information they are searching for very quickly.

Here are some essential points to consider while drafting SEO strategies to ensure better ranking for websites after the latest update of Google. Let us take a look:

  • The first thing is to avoid being dependent on keywords because the latest algorithm decides to rank a website based on the entire search query, i.e. more extended than keywords. Meaning, your website must offer the right solution instead of just showing keyword-rich content.Keyword
  • Post the update; your website content must appear sharper because of the algorithm’s drastic changes. Advice is to work out on things by own or take assistance from SEO professionals. The companies handle such requests very deeply and leave no stone unturned until the customer is happy. One such Web Design Toronto company will help develop new strategies based on this latest update by Google.



  • Another thing to note is that Google Hummingbird update focuses on queries that come from mobile. It aims to strengthen its performance in response to those voice commands and questions. So, make sure your website has content words optimizes accordingly.

Mobile Friendly Website

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