• What is the hype?

With the prior indications, Google has brought upon us another storm in the form of its January 2020 core update.

The news was broadcasted through the official twitter handle of Google @SearchLiaison on Monday, i.e. 13th January 2020, around noon, stating to expected roll out on that day.

An hour later, after the official declaration, the update was made live and was made clear that it will keep rolling out to all data centers for upcoming days.

  • What could be the Impact of the update?

The preceding core update was of September 2019 but was not of any major shock to giants neither should this be if you relevant enough and are up to date.

This could mean some fluctuations in your ranking but that is not in any form an indicator of something being wrong your site, it just means that someone is performing a bit better and take his fair share of rankings.

The update majorly focuses on reassessing content published since the last update, or content previously ignored.

  • How to tackle it?

There is nothing much you can do about it. But if you are negatively impacted, we know you can’t just sit around and watch your rankings going down the chart.

For that, We can help you to identify the issues on your website by analyzing your website by our team of experts. CONTACT US NOW!

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