Google Translate Is Awesome! 8 Things That Proof It

We are pretty much sure that you must be thinking how Google Translate could be termed awesome as it does nothing except for translating text. Well, to utter surprise of many, Google Translate does a lot other than being a free translation service that offers translations between 80+ different languages. Yeah, well translation is just tip of the iceberg. If you are using Google merely for translating words or sentences, then read on to know how you can leverage through Google Translate.

Here are the 8 hidden features of Google Translate:

  1. Understanding your own language

Google’s tasking efficiency is not restricted to translating a word or phrase between two languages. Instead, Google Translate lets you understand all those words that you are unfamiliar with. Once you type or paste a word into Google translate, you will come across following data:

  • Definition of the word (both noun and verb)
  • Synonyms (both noun and verb)
  • How to use the word or phrase
  • Similar translation queries
  1. Translating documents

It is utterly easy to upload and translate the documents. You will have to click on the “Translate a document” link that appears under the text box where you submit the text. This one is quite obvious and something that probably you all must be knowing.


  1. Translating websites to desired languages

When you visit a particular website or type a website URL that you wish to translate into the translation box, you get the option to select the desired translation language and convert it into the same. Next, when you click over the links that appear in the results page, you will be directed to the website that is in desired language.


  1. Translate while you speak

Many times, we come across situations where we know how to pronounce it but need to know how it is written. This is when you can use speak it to translate. All that you need to do is to click over the microphone icon to turn on speech input and speak the word or phrase.


  1. Save words and phrases

Once you have logged in to your Google account, you get the option to save the results for specific translations to your personal phrasebook. The phrasebook could be accessed whenever you want to, though any of your devices. The phrases could be migrated to the Google sheets as well.


  1. Suggesting improvement in translation

There are times when you translate a word from a different language and feel that the results are not worth appreciation. In that case, the best that you can do is to suggest a better word instead.


  1. Listen to the translation

Finding it difficult how to pronounce the results you have got after translation? If yes, then you can use the feature that allows you to listen to the specific result. You can click over the speaker feature and listen how to pronounce the specific word or phrase.


  1. More definitions for the searched word or phrase

Not satisfied with the variety of results you have got? Well, not to worry as you can ask for results from several other languages when you use this translation service. When looking for optional translations for a particular word or phrase, you can click on the word and Google will immediately offer you several other options.

Some Other interesting Facts You Should Know:

Google Translate App:

  • Lets you converse naturally while Google handles the translation
  • Even when you do not have internet connection, you can translate offline
  • You can also translate the text written over the photos shot by you.

Google Chrome, Google Plus & Your Website:

  • Google chrome automatically offers to translate websites when the content is in other language
  • Google+ lets the user translate all the posts and comments from varied languages
  • You can use the Tab to search anything
  • Option to install Google Translate plug-in on your website
  • Keeps a check over the spelling and grammar mistakes

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