The big daddy search engine “Google” introduced a new tool named Removals Tool in its Google Search Console. With it, you can make the search results aware from showing, removing or filtering a lot of material on your website.

To understand the new Removals Tool quickly, go through the parts highlighted below.

Temporary Tool

In the temporary tool section, you can request for removing specific verified URLs. The following are the two options present for removal requests.

  • First is the temporary remove URL option that hides the URL from Google Search results. The URL remains hidden for about six months with its cached copy of the page cleared.
  • Next is the Clear cache URL that clears the cached page and removes the page description snippet in Search results until the crawling takes place.

Google Webmaster Console

Temporary Removal Screenshot

Outdated Content

Here you will find information on removal requests made via the public Remove Outdated Content tool so to update and show the page without details on the search results that were present earlier.

Outdated Content

SafeSearch Filtering

The SafeSearch filtering option assists in seeing why your content got blocked from appearing on search results. This section works fast and shows a history of pages that Google reported it as adult content. Using the SafeSearch Suggestion tool, you can submit those URLs again for the review. Now, if Google considers your material is not explicit then it will appear in regular search results, else it will be tagged as adult content.

Safesearch Filter Console

The above mentioned surely clears your mind about the launched Google Removals Tool. Here is the Forum Discussion on Twitter.

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