How Google+ Can Enhance Your SEO

For any online business, the ultimate goal is to get found on Google. After all, nearly 67% of all monthly searches take place through this search engine. But getting discovered by Google is not an easy task.

For desirable results, all you need as a part of your SEO strategy is an active Google+ page linked to well your well optimized Google+ Local listing. Google+ helps in:

– Making your company’s Google Map listing even more robust and functional for the searchers.

– Sharing all your content and engage audience and influencers, who turn out further as content sharers.

– Boosting the website’s SEO.

Here are the top five reasons by which you can improve your visibility in Google search using Google Plus.

  1. Your pages can rank well in search

With a well optimized profile on Google Plus with updated content, you can help your business in getting discovered over search engine result pages. As an added benefit, you get well optimized results in search engine through the Google+ Local page. However, all this is not enough for well claimed and optimized pages. You need to make sure that you are posting content that is engaging and easy to share over Google+. This way Google would be able to know that your page is active and has turned out as a useful resource.

Google Page Rank

  1. Get personalized map results

When users start searching Google Maps, they add some places to their “favorites,” eventually leaving reviews. This whole activity lets Google Maps to begin suggesting local businesses that come from similar niche. The new Google Maps are integrating with Google+, hence letting the users to filter their search. So, all those pages that are more active than your page, will be able to influence the local search results in a better way by boosting the fan engagement.

  1. Your website visibility influences social signals

There is no authoritative proof suggesting that social signals like +1s help in boosting your page’s or website’s visibility on search engines. However, some studies and surveys have managed to show that there is some co-relation between these signals and the website’s position in the search engine result page. This is probably because signals help the audiences in understanding what content is liked by audience the most.

social signals impact rankings

  1. Positive reviews are going to help you

If you notice then along with your map listing on the search results page, there are reviews specified that people have left for your business over the linked Google+ and Google+ Local page. In case, somebody has left one-star review, the same is going to get previewed over the results page. This is not going to look good, so make sure you keep all your customers happy enough. More reviews you have, that have targeting keywords, the higher your map listing will be in the search results.

Customer Reviews

  1. Authorship feature from Google boosts your site

Authorship is an advanced feature offered by Google+ that allows the users to link the content published on other domains over your personal profile page. Doing this will display your Google+ pictures along with the content offered in the search results. This will eventually help in increasing clicks. For all those who are planning to build their personal brand, can use this strategy and build credibility.

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