Easy ways to Build Your Own E-commerce Photography Studio


Are you dealing with E-commerce online stores? Whether it is a big box brand or a small venture you need to get the professional images for your website. Your image quality plays a vital role in giving a perfect display to your items you are dealing in. Be it shoes or apparel or anything else you need to look on its minute detailing. Your product shown to the customers from the different angles will help him get a better insight to know how the product looks like and make a purchase.

Out of 100 clicks of a single product, you will get one perfect image. The process requires the skill and patience and an eye for every detail. Before starting with it, a perfect plan is required on which the photographer will work and give you the best results you desire for. Your success is often measured with an efficiency of your workflow – how fast can you: source the products, produce imagery, create website content and sell it. During the planning process setting your budget is as vital as your project. You will hire the things and models accordingly. You don’t want to limit yourself by obsessing over costs, but knowing how much you have to spend will influence many of your other choices.

For streamlining your photo production workflow and achieving maximum productivity you need to organize everything from a minor detailing to the extreme level results. It is very crucial for any kind of workflow especially when you are dealing with merchandise photos for your online stores. There are various ways of photography which can help you streamline your project.

Let’s discuss the best ways to build your own E-commerce Photography Studio

There are 5 components that are necessary for better product photography workflow. Let’s have a look and start working on those components to get the desired results.

1. Organization
2. Preparation
3. Test Shooting
4. Shooting
5. Post- Production Processing
6. Final Display

1. Organization

After a complete planning, organizing the various things according to your plan is the necessity to move further. Your planned things have to work step-by-step. It is a key towards starting with a workflow what you are dreaming of. During this process, you need to work on various things from cataloging your products to images. For this purpose, you need to work hard as you will have to place the things according to their categories. Categorization is a vital aspect as the viewers will make their search according to their choice.

– Cataloging

Cataloging is the first and foremost step in the organization process. You are going to sell your products and services to nationwide or on a small scale. Cataloging is a vital aspect in expanding your customer’s base. It is an effective way to expose your consumers to all of the amazing products and services that your company offers. It is further categorized into two ways- cataloging of products and cataloging of images.

Product cataloging

It is must have an attractive and enticing product description for all the items and a nice catalog for the viewers to browse through. This helps in good conversion rates. Many of the E-commerce entrepreneurs doing business fail to boost their conversion rates as they lack in cataloging the products perfectly. So you must catalog it. Your product tag will provide the clear information regarding it. Product cataloging is done by color, description, size, associated tags, product name and any other identifying info.

catalog on Product

It is a process which needs complete care. Make sure while providing a tag to the item the product number should be same as you have entered in your computer software. If you are dealing in some handmade or unique or antique products then make sure you provide the clear and complete information on its tag and get the same done in your system as well.

This naming and tagging structure will ensure you to upload the correct images of your product. The name which is given to the product should be the same for the image. This will make your uploading process easy and hassle free.

Image Cataloging

After product cataloging, its image cataloging process. When you organize the things make sure you organize your digital photographs and the necessary files associated with it. Among various cataloging software’s, Adobe lightroom is the best software used for this process. This software allows you to see all the images that you have taken, filter through them by deleting or selecting images, rename the files and make “batch” edits to multiple images at one time.

Catalog on Image

With this, the image cataloging process comes to an end. You will get a folder with the images by the name of the product.

Take a backup

It is always advisable that you must store your data more than at once place but with a security. Many times it happens that your system gets the crash with its windows and you lost all your data. So you must save it somewhere else also. Your data will consume a large space so external hard drives are the best option. You must purchase a one which is compatible with Pc and Macs so that while transferring your data to others you should not face any problem.

Take Backup

Apart from the hard drives, another best option is cloud storage. Apple products come with cloud storage. Cloud storage can make it easier to access files from different locations and provide extra backups in case the originals are lost. Few cloud storage systems are Box, Google drive, Bitcasa, and Dropbox. But if you feel like your data is very much crucial then you mu7st get yourself secure by storing it in both the ways in external hard drives and cloud storage as well.


Workflow manual can help you in many ways. It is a vital aspect for company’s growth. Customizing a manual with every detail of your photo production process can help you in future. How the photo production detailing has been done?


Make sure you update your manual as often as you update your processes. Communication is a key in the production business. Here you are done with the organization process.

2. Preparation

Here comes the preparation process after the planning and organization. During the photography session, you need to be prepared with various things before handed so as not to create any last minute mess.

Product preparing

The first and foremost step in this phase is preparing your product. Make sure the product you are going to display is in good condition. If it’s a shoe then it should be proper clean with a good shine, if its apparel shoot then it must be proper ironed and should not be a defected one. Have an eagle eye on everything to make your product look the best. Be prepared to spend adequate time preparing each item — even the smallest speck of dust will be visible in a product image. So keep the things neat and clean.

neat and clean product image


Organizing your products according to their shoot and category is also a vital aspect. Line up your products which you thing are clean and are ready to shoot. Get your products prepare line wise for getting clicked according to their number so that no product should get missed. If you have done a proper cataloging and prepared a list then you can easily compile the things that what products are done by ticking the done items.

Organize Products

Model selection

If you are thinking to get your product shoot on a live model then that of a ghost mannequin than you need to have a perfect model. Model selection is a very long process. You cannot hire any random model for the shoot. Model with a personality which can suit with your product is recommendable.

model selection

If you are dealing with any sports equipment or and gyming products then your model should be fit and with and attractive body. Selection of male and female model directly depends on the type of product you are going to display. A male cannot display girl’s stuff and vise- versa. Everything is to be kept in mind while selecting your model.

Type of camera and lens

If you don’t have that much knowledge about the lens to be used for complete detailing during the product photography then you should not hesitate for a help. Your image quality should be perfect. You must also have good knowledge about the cameras as which would be perfect for what kind of shoot. Whether you need to opt for a 5D mark or 6D mark camera.

lens we should use

Software to be used

With the wide range of software availability, you need to select the best one in which you can work to get the fruitful results with your photography skills. The image capturing software is very important. For this, you need to perform a complete research and find the one which is easy to shoot in-camera with your CF or SD card and then transfer the images over to your computer via card reader at a later time.

Tools used for product image capturing

Customize shoot place

For a perfect shoot, you need to create the ambiance of the shoot. You need to prepare the setup with cameras, all the required equipment, tripod, tables, clothes, stands etc. the place where you will carry your photo shoot should be neat and clean with proper lighting as required. For this, you need to carefully position your system, product, chair, and lights in areas where you won’t make the work more difficult or trip yourself up. If you are working with artificial lights then handle them carefully as they are costly and need perfect care.

Capturing tools

3. Test Shooting

The third phase comes the Test shooting, after customizing the shooting place you will start with a test shoot whether the image you want is coming out to the same or it needs some change in its position or lighting. This would even help you have the best camera settings and other settings for the final shoot of the product.

Set up your product

The first step in test shooting is setting up the product. Place the product in a way to want to get it clicked. You need to capture an acceptable image of the product, measure, mark and document everything.


Camera setting

During this, you can have the perfect specifications like Shutter speed, Aperture, ISO, White balance, Focal length and anything else that might vary from shot to shot unless set specifically.

Camera Setting

Image quality

Image quality even matters a lot. The image would be perfect only if it will have a good image quality. Always focus on the thing you want to show your clients. Every camera comes with different image quality specifications. You need to be aware of the size of the image and its quality.

Image Quality

4. Shooting

After the pre testing then comes the shooting. It means all the settings have been done and you are all set to shoot your final product. Don’t lose the hope if you are not getting the perfect click. Try as many as you can and at last you will have thousands of good images from which you will have to finalize the perfect one. This step requires lots of patience in the photographer. Coordinate perfectly with the model if you are doing a product shoot with a model. Stay polite and give the necessary directions to her/him.

finalize 1

5. Post- Production Processing

After clicking the images then come the post- production process in which with the availability of various editing software you can create a magic to your pictures.

Image editing

These days so many image editing software’s are available to add more glam to your clicks. Try to select the best one which will not reduce the quality of an image. Adobe Photoshop is full with so many tools, use the required tools and make it a brilliant photo.


Save multiple image versions

Try to save the multiple image versions. You need to work with layers of the image. This will help you notice the change and would become easy for you to save it.


6. Final Display

Here comes the final display of your image. Your product is all set for the display to your customers. After such hard work and patience, you are going to get the results.

Final image done

This was all about setting your own photography studio for your E-commerce venture. All you have to consider various things like perfect planning, organization, patience and hard work. Your dedication will help you get the desired results you are aiming for.