Your online store is a frontend of what your customers are seeing. And Header is your first point of direct contact.

If you are planning to change or alter your header in Magento 2, then you are at the right spot.

You can find the steps below for tailoring the header to suit your business needs using pearl theme options.

Stage1: Find the admin sidebar tap Welt Pixel; go to Pearl theme options; choose custom header.

Magento 2 Admin
From there move to General Settings and then on Custom header, where you can select header style that has 4 different versions that are available.

After you set your version, please don’t forget to Save Config.

Magento 2 Configuration

Stage2: To view the changes go to Admin sidebar tap System → Tools → Cache Management and be sure to:

  • Reinforce Pearl Theme LESS/CSS files for your store
  • Flush Magento Cache.

Cache Management
Your new version of Header is now in use. After refreshing your page you can see it in the frontend.

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