How to create Blogs that help increase your Website Rankings

There is no doubt that blogging has become one of the leading tools when it comes t online business marketing. However, it offers the best results which you hope to achieve through your blogging effort only if your blog posts reach your targeted customers.

In this post, Kinex Media, a trusted website design firm Toronto talks about some of the very basics updates which if you carry out to your blog will surely offer you a great deal of help in enhancing its visibility among search engines. Additionally, it will also help you in pulling greater traffic to your blog and hence creating greater leads and revenues for your business.

Guidelines To Write Blog Posts For Optimum Visibility:

  • You must start writing quality blog posts on keyword-rich subjects or themes on regular basis, may be once in a month. Such blog writings can do wonders to enhance your search engine result page rankings and overall visibility across the internet. Since, your blog post can get shared across different sites; you get the chance to rank well for your targeted keywords.


  • You can go through your customer’s emails database and other queries sent by them. It will give you a fair idea what your clients are looking forward to know from you.

Client Queries

  • Explore different tools available on the internet to find out most suitable content ideas for your blog writings. One such tool is Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Use this tool to analyze some of the main keywords or key-phrases that are looking forward to gain good rankings. This keyword analysis tool will give you a fair idea about how these will perform by showing you how many people are exactly searching for these terms per month.

Google Adwords

  • Sharing your blog posts across different social network sites also helps you increasing your rankings as sharing means greater in inbound links for site and also greater visibility across internet.

Social Networks

Quality Increased The Traffic

We hope these tips will help you in coming up with the best quality blog posts that also strengthens your website rankings along with marketing your website and attracting more traffic towards it.

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