How To Design Contact Forms For Conversions

Contact Us form

‘Contact us’ form is something that every website has in it. After all, it is this page that is responsible for bringing in customer inquiries. This is why it is important for you to design a ‘Contact Us’ page that is appealing and makes it easy for the users to go through the form and take action. Forms are one or the other way a meaningful way to garner conversions. No matter if you have a convincing SEO campaign teamed up with an impactful social media strategy or a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategy or a hefty stream of traffic, you still need to make sure that your form has the capability to lead to conversions.

Contact Form

So, end of the story is that the conversion for your website relies solely upon the website’s contact form. We all have come across times when we witness contact forms that are not so appealing and mostly complicate the process that follows when filling the form. Bad contact forms make it difficult to browse and indeed make it difficult for the customers to go ahead with the process. As a website designer, the best that you can do is to eliminate all those elements that are responsible for making the forms look complicated. Let us have a look at the elements that you need to rely upon for making the user experience effective and user-friendly.

Keep the Form Short

Nothing turns you off more than going through a website that first seems impressive but then pisses you off because of a ridiculously long contact form. Going through a form that asks you for countless fields turns out to be irritating at the end. The logic behind the company asking for so many details is to make sure that they get to know you better. This is when they ask for data such as demographic information and contact means. As a user, you would never like to go ahead with the form and would probably leave in between.

It is best that you avoid using long contact forms. Make sure that you use only those fields that are relevant. Since, everyone expects the online activities to end abruptly, make sure that you keep the form simple and quick. Ask for basic details such as name and email id and offer some extra space for leaving a text message.

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