Kinex Media Helped Launching Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline

Kinex Media helped Launching Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline

Canada – May 30, 2019: The non-government organization in Canada-The Canadian Centre To End Human Trafficking recently released a Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline to help the trafficking victims all across Canada. It is a confidential and multilingual service that will be operative 24 hours a day to help the victims connect with social organizations, law enforcement, and local emergency services.

Kinex Media Played A Significant Role

The Toronto-based Centre To End Human Trafficking handed over the highly important task of creating a hotline for such a great cause to Kinex Media. The expert developers and designers at Kinex Media built a hotline and a super interactive website with additional information to help victims safely escape situations of human trafficking. We have implemented the latest web design trends to provide a digital platform dedicated to delivering immediate help to victims. The hotline speaks directly with victims to discuss the various reporting options and receive clear agreement to report the case. It does not broadcast any information about the caller or service providers

After joining hands with an authentic and registered Canadian charity organization for a social cause, we look forward to undertaking many other important national projects down the road. We aim at designing and building simple and reliable technology to improve people’s lives by putting them at the center of governmental and non-governmental services.

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