List of Most Useful Ideas to Building the Most Converted Home page [Infographics]

Remember the websites when the internet was growing? The cheesy look of a website that worked during the internet revolution has long been forgotten or scrapped off to welcome dynamic changes for the new era. Compared to a handful of websites at the beginning of the internet to billions of domains names registered in today’s world, it has become much more competitive for websites to decrease their bounce rate in order to increase chances of their conversions.

If you search history of websites, you may find the meaningless homepages that would terribly fail in today’s era. Yes, the evolution means to grow and adapt to the existing environment, but here the main thing is to know the real value of the home page.

If you understand the real competition, then you will feel the hard walk of web developers to create a stunning web home page that gains impressions, creates awe-struck emotions and converts (mainly business transaction).

It’s a no secret that site design and functionality has been evolved over the last decade. We have more technologies in the market than the number of the website during the internet inception. The 90s was the time when the website had primary colors, flashing letter and awful quality photos on their home page. However, they were loved by the visitors because the technology also didn’t evolve and humans’ felt that they were at the peak of their scientific revolution.

Fast forward to 2016; the web has still millions of website that are still stuck in time wrap and have forgotten to evolve with time. Those websites still have cumbersome designs, poor quality coding, muddled content. Seriously? I mean, we are living in a digital era, and coming out from time wrap is a must thingy, isn’t it?

Find some time from your busy schedule to find the websites that are having faulty home pages, and desperately need a makeover to perform better than their rivals. I would have listed those, but it wouldn’t be right to bash anyone’s hard work and hurt the feelings.

The self-proclaimed marketing gurus claim to have the formula that works on the home page. Reality? No such formula exists. The success depends on upon the ideas manifestations in the working process and ready to adapt to dynamics of the web.

The “Ideal” home page often paralyzes experienced as well novice marketers. If there were a creative formula, then why most films duds at the box office, despite having a huge creative personnel? The reasons lay in our brains that are quite complex and fail to comprehend situations until the results don’t come along.

What most marketers fail to understand that they should stop creating a website for everyone on the web. A real website doesn’t care for the wrong audience and is created to deflect those people, only to focus on right things to achieve the business goal. The main aim of the home page is to provide useful content to the targeted audience and help them to navigate to product pages to encourage conversions.

“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery      

Beneath is the infographic that beautifully tells about the various elements a home should have according to the modern digital environment. However, remember that overdose can be a negative thing for your home page. If you try to include all the 20 elements on your page just because the infographics say so that doesn’t mean you aren’t overdoing it.

The infographics is a handbook to find seamless possibilities on your homepage as per your niche industry. Explore various things and brainstorm ideas to create a perfect page. Rather than staying in a time wrap, emerge as the evolved site that appears ahead of the time.


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