The life of a marketer is as difficult as the ringmaster. No matter how much training you give to your Lions, Bears or Elephants as a ringmaster. The event is always prone to accident. You can bet 100% safety for the positive outcome.

Well, that’s how things often go in the marketing world. No matter how much preparation you do before the event, you can’t guarantee what will work for you and what not.

Your best marketing campaigns, on which you can bet millions for the ultimate success result, can go downhill. Why? Because the market is dynamic and it keeps adjusting according to the users’ demand.

What works when you were planning doesn’t mean that it will work during the time of execution. Things change and you have to reason the change.

The change and failures are common to see and if you understand the nature of the marketing world, you know how unforeseen challenges can shackle your soundproof plan and leave you devastated.

And in One-to-One marketing it is even tougher to handle!

Ways To Marketing

We are entering into the shift of digital marketing; i.e., to engage in one-to-one marketing.

Undeniably, this is the evolutionary journey but having so much data of each customer, that’s one of the revolutionary steps a company a can take to connect with its customers’ on a personal level and on a single customer view.

What is one-to-one marketing?

1 to 1 marketing

It is the marketing tactic in which a marketer uses data collected and performs critical analysis with the help of technology to perform customer-centered solution.

Since we are making rapid strides in marketing technologies, advertisers and businesses are best focused on targeting individuals and multiplying ROI.

If we believe in the report published on, your ROI can be increased seven to eight times by the custom market. The more mature your customization becomes, the greater the return on your investment.

Put bluntly, with 2 times more CTR, even personalized emails with receiver name on the subject showed a positive trend in the marketing strategy. In addition, this strategy has helped marketer’s better target the market by using different specialized tools to customize any message that may seem appealing to the users.

Is Your Company Ready for One-to-One Marketing?

Despite proper planning too many businesses jumped on the one-to-one bandwagon. Implementation Mechanisms are complex. Training a sales team to be friendly and attentive is one thing; finding, monitoring and engaging with an individual customer is quite another, and then reconfiguring the product or service to match the needs of that customer.

Questions needed to be asked from your plan are:

  • What does your customer need and how can we help? Vs. What can we sell to our customers?
  • What kind of relationship does your customer expect to establish? How can we be more involved? Vs. How do we get them to buy more?
  • What value do your customers need to see before they’ll purchase? Vs. How can we make more money from our customers?

Delivering one-to-one marketing

Every great journey begins with the first step. Yes, you heard that many times. In this marketing tactic that journey begins with collecting useful data and information of your targeted audience.

To uncover meaningful insights, you need sales, social and behavioral data. Marketing is all about collecting heaps of data and then skimming it to have most reliable information that acts as the pillar of your marketing campaign.

The key to creating a effective 1:1 Marketing Strategy is to build a learning and remembering data system for each and every customer’s tastes and purchasing habits. Methods for doing this will vary according to how the company interacts with its clients.

Subscription, personal accounts and customer centric management systems track all the items customers viewed and purchased.

Some companies also develop 1:1 marketing plans that enable each customer to customize the product on the basis of individual preferences themselves. Rather than collecting and storing information about each customer , the customer designs their own product in essence.

Self-service ice cream or yogurt shops are a new phenomenon that has taken this approach, offering a range of flavors and toppings to choose from and enabling consumers to create their own personalized frozen yogurt cup.

Action plan to set in process:

  • Recognize: Recognize clients. Have them identified.
  • Distinguish: Customers reflect different principles and segregate set of needs. Separating each of these into categories will help you discover your efforts and map a suitable one-to-one strategy for marketing.
  • Interact: Enhancing cost-efficiency and the consistency of the interactions is key to selling one-to-one. Better intuition helps to create a more realistic view of the consumers and their businesses. Each interaction with all the other interactions should take place in context. If they called yesterday, they can pick up where the conversation had left off.
  • Customize: Different treatment of the customer based on what you learned from interactions, sales, marketing, Then adapt to suit their desires and behaviours.

Digital Marketing - CTA

Immediate Action

Necessary Actions Required

Doing personalized marketing isn’t tough if you consider the following tactics and infuse it in your marketing strategy for better growth.

  • Pay-Per-Click

It’s the best technique to find what things your audience is taking at first hand. In layman’s term, they are known as essentially sponsored search engine results and produce good ROI if run after proper marketing analysis.

Moreover, PPC campaign tells you what is working and what doesn’t, allowing you to change your strategy to find the real-time insights and behavior of your audience. The data will be useful in accelerating your marketing personalization.


Moreover, PPC campaign tells you what is working and what doesn’t, allowing you to change your strategy to find the real-time insights and behavior of your audience. The data will be useful in accelerating your marketing personalization.

  • Retargeting

Have you visited a website and shortly bounced to another website, but continued to saw the site’s ads at other places? Those display ads are targeted ads and are a quite common technique used by marketing agencies to keep influencing and reminding the user about the website existence and how the CTA is still pending.

Many eCommerce websites are heavily relying on this technique and they are even covering social media accounts where you see ads of the product that you viewed, but didn’t purchase, or done card abandonments.

Display ads are highly effective technique, but to use it effectively is a completely new story.


Website-Amazon has shown how to personalize the revisits on the website. It effectively shows you the last products that you were viewing on the website, also recommends

Amazon has shown how to personalize the revisits on the website. It effectively shows you the last products that you were viewing on the website, also recommends product based on your user details that the website has collected during your website stay and what kind of products you have viewed in that duration.

The Amazon team works on its algorithms that would provide an unforgettable experience and exemplify the shopping experience.

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