Plan Your Own Mobile E-Commerce Store (Part-4)

Part 4

Throughout the series, we have been emphasizing on the fact that one needs to get down brass tacks and should think from customers’ perspective when designing a mobile eCommerce store. We will today conclude the last part of the guide, making sure you have enough information on how to break the mold and attract mobile users.

What should the product page look like?

Designing a page that is appreciated by everyone is challenging to achieve. It is because the expectations of varied onlookers are different. But to be sure that you design a product page that seems pretty darn close to perfection, here are the attributes that you could earmark while creating a product page for a mobile eCommerce website.

  • Keep the product title catchy yet straightforward
  • Do not forget to use responsive typography
  • Keep the content readable while using contrasting colours and responsive typography for title and price
  • Make use of call to action phrases that are easy to identify among-st all the links available over the page
  • Garner response from users through the application of great photography. Include all the necessary product shots that you believe the user would need for reference
  • Use short yet convincing descriptions for products
  • Make the products easy to find for customers
  • Provide exact information regarding availability and attributes of the product

The reason for emphasizing these attributes is to make sure that once the users are interested in buying the product, they do not have to face any barrier while commencing the purchase.

Let’s Sum It Up!

To run a tight ship, the essential factor is to understand the needs and requirements of mobile users. When creating a mobile eCommerce website, one has to take into consideration the usability, responsiveness of the design and right marketing strategies. Draft a detailed process that you can follow when creating a mobile website. You need to make sure that you amalgamate individual project specifications in the process. Here is all that you need to look before you leap:

  • What segment are you designing the E-commerce store for?
  • How to encourage them to buy what you are selling?
  • Creating a vision for the clients and the business through the use of SMART goals.
  • Emphasizing over the look and feel of the website over mobile devices, including the imagery, typography, navigation and button design.

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