SEO is lucidly one of the most convincing factors for shaping the future of internet marketing. Search engine optimization is something that accounts for why Google has been making thousands of changes to its algorithm over the past few years. The challenge for the internet marketers is to keep pace with the changes and optimize the content accordingly. It is actually not a good idea to expect quality results coming from old and tested SEO tactics. Instead, you will have to rely upon countless of new ranking factors before taking a step ahead. To make sure that you come across some reliable and result oriented SEO strategy for 2015, Kuno Creative created has come up with this amazing flowchart. Let’s see how this quick guide could help you in ranking better in search results.

The first step in the process is to interview your buyers and understand their basic requirements. Interviews help in finding the keywords upon which you can create your basic SEO strategy. No one can help you better in determining the targeting keywords better than the customers that you are actually willing to target. Include the phrases and keywords that customers search for, in the blog posts that create. It is also important to preset a blogging schedule.

The next most important thing is to link the targeted keywords and phrases to the other pages. The idea is to make it easy for the visitor to reach the desired search. When you link your content, you are actually letting the search engines know the relevance of your content and also that you want the visitor to simply click over the link and reach the desired webpage. Next most important thing is to link your content to web pages that have the same keywords and phrases in the page URL, title tag, body text and image alt tags.

Have a look at the infograph below to know more about the SEO tactics you will need to incorporate in your strategy in 2015.

SEO Future of Internet Marketing

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