Search Engine Optimization is continuously evolving at lightning speed. As we are moving ahead to a new normal in 2020, with an increased dependency on the web and associated fields, it is time to explore the new-forming SEO trends for 2020.

Keep an eye on the following trends in the coming months:

  1. Consolidated SERPs

Google makes sure to update it’s SERP criteria every couple of months, and the year 2020 brings more unity into the search results. The integrity is maintained and foretold by the addition of ‘People Also Ask’ feature on the Google results page. The visitor is also provided with the answers in the form of video carousels and boxes.

What it means for your organic traffic is that even though it might get reduced, using long-tail keywords will come in handy and will lead to better rankings on SERPs.

  1. Keywords Will Decide

KeywordsGoogle uses algorithms that concentrate on the keywords you declare on your site. Long-tail keywords have come into spotlight and will become even more critical as Google shifts from a search engine to an answer engine.

Use proper plugins to prepare your keywords and comb through your content to accurately predict what the customer might come looking for and how to make him stay. Focus on topics people search for, instead of phrases and use them in your keywords.

  1. Strategically Partner With Influencers

2019 had seen a massive upsurge in the investment made by businesses in partnering with influencers to connect directly with their target demographic. It more than helps your SERP ranking if your business is constantly engaged with a large group of people and is popular in social circles.

Partnering with the right influencer can be the push your website needs to collect social popularity with the help of shares and page visits.

  1. The Kingdom of Voice Search Optimization

Voice SearchPeople like to ask questions. If you are a human, it might annoy you. But if you are Siri or Alexa, you won’t mind the questions at all. Voice searches are more in demand because of their versatility. 2020 will witness a considerable dependency on this technology, and you must optimize your website accordingly.

Use question tags, long-tail question-based keywords and the fragment phrases people might use to look for answers based on voice search.

  1. Video Content Will Continue To Be Important

The marketing trends online foreshadow the lasting significance of the video content that a website will require to rank well on SERPs.  More than 60 percent of people rely more on brands that have video content than their counterparts.

Correct schema tags are a necessity for your video content to have any distinction. Do not underestimate the power of putting captions and subtitles to your videos, too. Insert keywords in the description and make sure your videos are mobile-friendly.

  1. Google Rewards E.A.T Content

EATThe BERT update by Google has simplified its job of looking for relevant information and ranking pages according to their utility. The E.A.T. principle dictates that Google will rank websites that have EXPERTISE,  AUTHORITY and TRUSTWORTHINESS when it comes to their content.

Make sure your content is written by an expert, rendering your website the authority on that subject and also include other helpful links that will give the viewer a second opinion on the subject.

When it comes to SEO trends in 2020, creativity and originality will triumph over repetition. As the competition grows, businesses need to prove their dependability to win the loyalty of both the customers and the search engines.

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