Time To Boost Your Ecommerce Store’s Holiday Season Sales

Boost Ecommerce Holiday Season Sales

The 2015 holiday season is right around the corner, which is why eCommerce businesses need to start rolling sleeves. With Black Friday on near cards, online stores are already looking for means to cash in bucks. As per the stats by The National Retail Association, online sales can rise from 7 to 10 percent this year, which is why eCommerce companies are hoping to cash-in better profits this year.

The success of your store could be expected when you indulge in steps such as updating your website, optimizing order fulfillment and optimizing internet marketing. Here are the ways by which we believe you can achieve your sales goals better.

1. Optimize for mobile

As per reports, mobile eCommerce has grown by 28 percent since 2014, which is more than twice the 13 percent growth rate experienced by desktop eCommerce. With more than 50 percent of online sessions taking place on smart phones and tablets, you can experience a guaranteed loss of customers if you are missing the mobile and tablet spots. Luckily, you have still have time to implement responsive design and make everything from your emails to website responsive.

2. Load Time for Websites

Having slow-loading product pages that too during the busy holiday season means that you are yourself creating a tunnel for letting the users abandon your site. Nearly 40% of the visitors will prefer leaving the website if the website fails to load within three seconds, 79% of these customers would not return if they are unhappy with the website’s load time. All this could be managed better when you implement traffic management and utilize optimization tools to alert the visitors of the downtime and slow performance. Magento’s new extension New Relic would help you in handling the potential performance bottlenecks.

3. Make it personal

When you personalize your content and online experience to reach individual users, you will have to consider attributes such as his or her history of interests, behaviors, and past transactions as they all can make you go a long way when it comes to increasing sales. The purpose is to let the customers realize your high-CLV (customer lifetime value) customers. You can segment your email list and let eth customers feel privileged while sending personalized and targeted content.

4. Integrate social media

You can engage more and more audience when you adding social sharing buttons to your product pages. It is after all an easy and effective way to let your customers know about all the products and services you are readily offering to the customers. Offer links to social media sites such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ so that your satisfied customers turn into salespeople that rest of their social circles could trust.

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