With search engines undergoing constant progress, there is a need for marketers to uplift their skills and strategies. As per the stats available online, 70 percent of the search links that the users click upon are from SEO. SEO links are also known to be cheaper than outbound leads. Also, SEO offers a better return on investment (ROI). It clearly states that focusing upon SEO is the need of the hour. Now that you know SEO is going to stay forever, here are some SEO tactics that you should be implementing.

  1. Information Snippets Have The Upper Hand

Google has brought forth ease of accessibility of information for the users, which manifests in its use of information ‘snippets’ that appear as direct responses of search queries. SEO has to adapt to this filter and optimize the website to provide the most accurate, concise and clear knowledge about the subject.

  1. It’s a Market Of Influencers

SEO strategies in the past couple of years did acknowledge the impact of influencers but mostly kept them out of the fabric of optimization. 2020 has witnessed a massive jump in the numbers driven by influencers- especially the ones with unique content- demonstrating clearly that viral content is quality-based and popularity-driven. Optimization of a website now has to be undertaken in such a way that it can attract and interact with the right influencers, generating higher conversion rates.

  1. Security Is Not Overlooked Anymore

Impact With the arrival of many safe and affordable digital platforms to build your business, entrepreneurs no longer take risks with the security of their websites and customers’ sensitive information. SEO now demands ample beefed-up security features that provide checks against regular to high-level threats. Websites that are not secure also get a suspicious nod from search engines like Google, who have clearly stated that they prefer HTTPS websites as their search results because of their trustworthiness.

  1. Let Your Content Earn You Links

Broken Link-Building is & a successful white-hat link-building strategy that helps in garnering requisite attention. Through this strategy, you will be helping the publishers in fixing broken links, which eventually turn to be helpful for the readers. Keep in mind though that this strategy is going to work only when you have some quality content with you. To implement the strategy, you will have to start seeking broken links over websites relevant to your niche. You can contact the webmaster having broken links and recommend your site as an alternative.

  1. User Experience Is The Ultimate Driving Force

It feels proud when you see your keywords ranking well in the search engines. But this does not mean that your SEO campaign would be an instant hit. Ranking number one would not help until your business is not getting desirable ROI. Make sure you focus more upon metrics that increase ROI than the conversions.

  1. Make Sure You Optimize For Yahoo, Bing & Others

If it hasn’t been clear before, 2020 has brought about a whirlwind of improved and highly-sophisticated websites that provide the best user experience. It not only brings more traffic to these websites but also sees the maximum return traffic, too. The layout, theme, content, interactive elements, and ease of use rank higher for SEO as indexing undertaken by Google returns the popular sites more than the new ones.

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