Top 6 Online Marketing Techniques


Internet has taken the world by a storm due to the advantages and features it provides to everyone. Whether you want to search for a product or you wish to sell your products or services to people, internet is the best medium available today. No matter what is the business size, a start up or established brand, everyone is utilizing internet for selling their products or services. Internet today provides anything to everything of your need.

Putting your business online has a large number of advantages as your outreach becomes global because a great percentage of world population uses internet. If you are a businessman, you will also love if your business that reached to thousands of people, now will reach millions of people. Online marketing is the ultimate solution available for you as it can provide your business with a large audience base and enhance your business sales. There are a lot of marketing techniques available today, which can confuse you a bit as to which ones you should go for. All these techniques offer fruitful results to you business and we are going to have a look at the top marketing techniques to make the process of selection of perfect online marketing technique easier for you.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is basically an online marketing that involves optimizing your website and its content in such a way that you website is shown in the top results of search engine result pages (SERPs). SEO is one of the most effective methods of promoting your business as people love to search for products and services online using search engines only.

With SEO, you can make sure that your business website is shown in the top search engine results whenever a keyword is searched online about a service or product your website has. Therefore SEO optimization is really necessary for your business as better ranking results in better rates of lead conversion and enhanced business sales.


Search Engine Optimization basically includes:

Optimization of website is one of the primary aspects of SEO as the content, keywords and website design are the main reason potential customers would visit your website. So make sure to optimize these as best as possible for more profitable results.

Building of links is also very important aspect of SEO as it ensures better traffic to your website and also enhanced rate of lead conversion. Link building can be done by utilizing the social media platforms for staying in touch with your customers and also by getting your business endorsed by some of the top websites & social media leaders.

Content marketing is also very essential part of SEO as it is the content that can hold your audience or shut them away. So make sure to use high quality content with excellent visual content like images, videos and audios. Use of social media platforms with your rich content and regular posts can help you stay in touch with your potential audience, expand your visitor base and know their requirements better.

Analytics and Reporting is the main part of SEO as it helps in letting you know about the performance of your website content, keywords and audience engagement easily through detailed reports. This helps you in revising your plan of SEO to perfection.

2. Email Marketing

One of the oldest ways of online communication is Email and it still stands strong in the world market. Email was firstly used for just communicating but in past few years the idea of Email Marketing has changed the way businesses are done. Email marketing helps you to reach directly the inbox of your potential customers.

In a survey, it was found that emails are one of the most checked things online. So you can just send promotional offers, newsletters of your company, product listings and discount offers & coupons directly on the email of users, which increases the chances of lead conversion and business sales. Emails can easily demonstrate your business products and services.


How Email Marketing Works?

  • Firstly the information and raw data is collected of audience according to a specific requirement like age, demographics, gender or search history of customers.
  • Then the raw data is divided according to their properties and a separate group is formed for each. This grouping is done in order to send the most relevant emails to each recipient.
  • Then the emails are created, which are mostly preferred to be responsive so that they should look elegant and functionality should stay superb no matter what screen sized device these are opened on.
  • Then response of users is awaited and the analytics is done in order to see which emails lead to most number of lead conversions to improve this technique in coming times.

3. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media has become an inseparable part of maximum percentage of population around the world. Because of such a large user base, Social Media Marketing has become the ultimate platform for business promotion online. Social Media not only helps you to stay in touch with your potential customers but also helps in building a huge customer base for better sales and enhanced lead conversion.

SMM has become the de facto of online business promotion as it helps in creating brand value, reputation, customer services and enhanced trade chances on a global scale. With the increasing marketing competition, integration of social media promotion in your online business promotion has become quite important.


Social Media Marketing includes:

  • Building brand value among your potential audience globally by creating your company’s official accounts on all big social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter, to share the services you offer through various content.
  • Incorporating social media platforms in your business website so that you can directly share your services & posts on all your social media platforms with your desired audience. This also helps the customers to share your products and services with their friends further on social media platforms.
  • Advertising on Social Media is one of the most common social promotion tactics today. There are many ways of doing this. Firstly you can get paid promotion of your business done on social media pages and platforms. You can even provide promotional offers on social media channels like discount etc, to get more of customers attracted towards your website.
  • Posting content every now and then to keep your audience engaged and making them remember your brand name whenever they wish to buy services or products, your company also offers.
  • Monitoring of the content posted on social media platform to check the number of clicks and post engagement to revise and change the keywords for a more effective promotional campaign. So checking the performance is always required in order to improve the results.

4. Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC)

Pay-per-click marketing or PPC is one of the most effective ways on online promotion. PPC is a paid marketing technique in which you have to pay for every click made on your link and thus you only have to pay for relevant visitors. PPC helps in increasing the rate of relevant traffic to your website very efficiently. Another advantage of PPC is high return on investment or ROI, which helps in gaining more profitable results for your business. PPC has proven to be fruitful and effective for many online businesses and with industrial experience, you can easily earn online more than you ever thought of.

PPC helps in getting the most relevant targeted traffic to your website increasing the chances of sales by a great amount. You can even decide to have extra-effective filtered promotion i.e. according to age, demographics, area and time. PPC can be a great add-on to your already undergoing SEO, making it more effective and profitable. The cost of keywords and how much you want to spend can be decided by you to take care of your budget as well.


Various PPC Methods

  • One of the most essential PPC methods is Google AdWords, which help in increasing the amount of traffic to you business website heavily. Google AdWords surely serves it purpose and provides value for money.
  • Another very famous PPC method is display advertising which includes display of banners and ads with high quality images, videos and audios. This advertising method helps in better audience engagement and lead conversion rate.
  • Social Media is one of the most widely used platforms by people around the world and promotion through paid social media ads by contacting the famous page owners or by directly contacting website content managers can lead to a very good promotional campaign.
  • Two of the most well known PPC advertisement methods are Google Shopping Ads and Bing Ads. Both these advertising methods allow you to display your business services and product ads above the search engine results so that more people click on your website link, increasing the audience base and conversion rate.

5. Web & Marketing Analytics

With Web Analytics, you can easily understand the latest market trends, needs of customers and also how they behave on your website. This helps in optimization of the website content in such a way that the users are shown the content in a way they like. This improves the chances of sales, increases the audience base and also leads to a profitable business campaign. This has been utilized by a large number of online businesses around the world and most of them have got profitable results through this campaign.

marketing analysis

Another very essential Digital marketing technique is Marketing Analytics which helps in measuring and analyzing the performance of your online promotion campaigns in order to improve them. This has proven to be really very effective as you can easily analyze where your online business is lagging behind, save the expenses of useless campaigns and also get high returns on investment by optimizing your online promotion campaigns. Through this campaign, you can easily analyze your business website’s performance on all platforms like SMM, blogs, email marketing, SEO, PPC etc.

By integrating both these in your online promotion campaign, you can easily make sure that your online business promotion is done in the most effective ways possible. You can monitor all the marketing platforms from a single place which not only helps in improving your current online business campaign but also helps you in saving a lot of money being wasted on ineffective online marketing. By analyzing the behavior and needs of the audience, you provide them with what they are looking for rather than what you wish to sell them.

6. Videos as an Online Marketing Tool

Videos have become the new trend for online promotional campaigns as audience have become more visually driven rather than simple text or images. Surveys even show that the websites that have incorporated videos into their websites have shown a rapid increase in the audience base as well as in the conversion rate. Whether it is YouTube or Facebook, all these platforms are showing video ads which have proven to engage the customers better because static images don’t explain or demonstrate the products or services as videos do.


Thus, business owners & online marketing experts have completely understood this and they have started uploading high definition quality videos in order to catch the sight of potential customers and hence increase the rate of conversion. These videos can even be shown according to various attributes like age, gender, area or trends etc, making these more effective. Thus, this is one of the finest techniques for online marketing of your business available today.


So these are the top six online marketing techniques that can be easily utilized to promote your business online in a better way. All these techniques have been formed after years of improvements and changes, to make these more effective. Most of these techniques work best for small scale, medium scale as well as large scale businesses. With the increase in the number of businesses shifting online each day, the competition has reached its peak level. So to stand tall in such crowded market, build your loyal audience base by utilizing these marketing techniques before others take over.