Digital marketing has come a long way since its inception and has also catapulted the world into marketing innovations and creativity. Some new trends have emerged in the first half of 2020.

Let’s look at some:

Private messaging apps reign

Brands are realizing the importance of private messaging as an essential feature of their application, instead of just a perk. In-app sharing and chatting elements are indispensable for current apps and entertainment trends. 2020 has witnessed a surge in the personal communication sphere of brand websites and apps.

Private messaging apps
Chat bots have made their space

These days, big brand applications have chat bits to directly address the concerns their customers might have. These bits are pre programmed and can resolve basic issues, provide information regarding the quality and services, and also be of a friendly help to the clients.

Personalized marketing techniques

Marketing experts understand the psychology of the customer and know that in a crowd of consumers, everybody wants to feel special and be treated the same. Personalized marketing techniques based on user preference has grown in the past few years and see a bright future in 2020 and beyond. It supports the brand’s goodwill and garners more ROI.

        Personalized Marketing techniques

Collaborating with influencers and putting up stories

Fifteen to thirty second video snippets have become vogue in 2020. Influencers have huge audiences which can be accessed by the brand via temporary or permanent collaborations or partnerships in product range. This trend has elevated many people to become local celebrities by partnering with mainstream clothing and lifestyle brands.

Influencer marketing


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