There is no doubt in the fact that most of the time, website visitors come out to be playful. Converting them from potential visitors to shoppers could help significantly in generating more sales. However, this is possible only when the path for purchase is kept convincing yet straightforward. For this, you will have to work upon the site structure and, at the same time, advertise through paid campaigns, display advertising, and other advertisements. In case your website is not optimized, there is hardly any chance for you to garner the desired level of conversions.

We would suggest you follow these top e-commerce strategies below for encouraging better conversions:

  • Conversions through Free Shipping

Believe it or not, free shipping is one of the best motivators to convert your viewers into certified shoppers. No one likes to pay extra money for shipping and delivery. The most significant online sales take advantage of this preference and offer no additional shipping cost to attract easy customers. Psychologically, marketers originally put up products at an inflated price so that even a slight discount translates into a massive benefit for the shoppers. This inflated price can quickly be taken off, which is mostly slashed as delivery costs.

  • Conversions through Discounts & Sales

E-commerce platforms conduct regular sales because of their vast popularity. Clearance sales, end-of-season sales and festive sales will not only help you in your conversions, but they will also bring you more extensive viewership and more opportunities for conversions. E-commerce giants like Amazon make sure to keep the sales going throughout the year at regular intervals to keep the flow of regular customers going. It not only helps their popularity but also garners goodwill from the customers.

  • Conversions through Referral Programs

Referrals and recommendations not only work wonders in the real world but are also an optimizing solution for sales in the virtual reality. Reference codes are distributed to spread word-of-mouth to increase the traffic. From there on, the customers visiting the site apply their personalized code and avail exclusive benefits and discounts. These days, a better strategy is to rope in influencers, especially in fashion and lifestyle e-stores, to garner conversions by distributing individualized discounts to their social media followers. It benefits the brand, the influencer and the customer, as well.

  • Conversions through Reviews & Rating

For an e-commerce brand to kick-start, it needs validation and a place of authority that brings it a qualitative reputation. More and more brands are now inviting the experts of their industry to utilize their services for free and review them for the customers. Positive reviews from the professionals generate trust in the new and skeptical customer, and you see a rise in the conversions of your page.

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Thus, optimizing sales deals a lot with the psychological motivation of the customers. If your brand caters to those needs, the conversion rates see a sharp decline, without a doubt.

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