It is not only Santa who is excited about Christmas and preparing a checklist. Everyone holds an undeniably immense craze and happiness associated with this year-end holiday season. However, as someone who owns an e-commerce store, you must be super excited about Christmas from the sales perspective.

To make sure you reach the expected levels, here is a checklist you should prepare to maximize holiday conversion rates:

  1. Implement an email campaign

What could be a more powerful tool than emails? With a successful email campaign you can encourage your customers to make purchases and create a connection with the customers. You get a chance to communicate with your customers about all the special offers and discounts that you are running during Christmas.

Email Campaign

Make sure your campaign includes:

  • Scheduled emails
  • Attractive template
  • A clear description of offer/discount
  • Right landing page for email
  • Compatibility with mobile
  1. Use of Social Media

Communicating with the world has become easier than ever. All credit for it goes to social media! Social Media has been rightly named as the most influential platform for creating loyal customers for a brand or service.

Social Media

You can create highly impressive campaigns through platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+. Try something that lets you promote your business most innovatively. You can use videos and images for conveying Christmas offers, discounts and gift ideas.

How can we forget about social ads! Use them to display the best-selling products or ongoing offers of your campaign.

  1. Experiment with Website’s Design

You do not have to scream and shout to tell the customers about the upcoming festive season. Instead of using one or two banners, consider optimizing your website’s design.

Add the festive vibes to the design by changing the website’s colour scheme to green, golden and red.  You can use small graphics such as Christmas cap, gift icons and Santa images. You can further create a separate section for Christmas gifts.

Festive Website Design

Help the customers in finding the right gift options. You can either highlight the best selling products or suggest gift options and combos.

  1. Improve the Responsive Design

You need to be sure that your website is highly compatible with mobile phones and tablets. The responsive design should be impressive enough and should manage to make the user experience smooth and worth mentioning.

Responsive Web Design

The main attributes that you need to consider are loading speed, ease of navigation (easy to zoom in and zoom out) and appropriate display of content. To know better about improving conversions through responsive design, read this.

  1. Try Your Hands on Remarketing

There is always a segment of customers who add lots of items in their shopping bag yet logout without actually making any purchase. To make conversions from such section of audiences, you can utilize re-marketing strategies

Christmas is the best time to remind customers about the products that they have abandoned in their carts.

You can employ the methods mentioned above to increase sales for the festive season and make it merry for both the customers and your business.

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