Types of shoppers visiting your eCommerce store

When designing an eCommerce store, your vision should not be restricted to the design. You need to make sure that you keep in mind the user experience as well. The psyche of individual shopper is different. Each shopper visits your store with a different mindset. By knowing the types of user you will come across, you can definitely improve the store’s usability. Here are the 5 types of customers you will come across.

  1. Product Focused Shoppers

Mindset: Product focused shoppers already have their mind clear regarding the product they wish to buy. They reach the site to either but something they need urgently or want to replace existing item

Purchase Probability: They are going to stay over the website only when they are able to find what product they are looking for. In case, they are unable to find one, they are going to leave the site without wasting much time.

Tips To Improve Usability:

  • Place the search bar at a prominent location
  • Clear navigation to help the users find products easily
  • Mention product description & use large images
  • Saving time of users through quick checkout options
  1. Wandering Shoppers

Mindset: They do not have anything particular in mind that you wish to shop for. Converting them from visitors to shoppers is a challenge

Purchase Probability: According the stats, it has been noticed that maximum traffic consists of wandering shoppers. They have no mood to buy anything and hence are associated with least revenue

Tips To Improve Usability:

  • Create a visually impactful website
  • Use wandering shoppers as a medium for marketing
  • Use cross sell, up sell, clear navigation and alluring images for engagement


  1. The Bargain Addicts

Mindset: They do not plan to buy anything until unless they witness some coupons, vouchers or sale. They have least brand preference and are looking for the best bargain prices.

Purchase Probability: They spend significant time in analyzing the deals running over competitor sites. They are ready to buy products even when they do not need them, just thinking about the savings they could make.

Tips To Improve Usability:

  • Draw attention towards sale or discounted products
  • Run an optional category for sale products
  • Create newsletters specifying the ongoing sale
  • Make the coupon redemption process easy


  1. Research Loving Users

Mindset: They are keen to collect as information as they could, in reference to a particular product.

Purchase Probability: They do not have a particular brand in mind. They are willing to go through all the brands providing similar products. They spend significant time in research and may visit several sites for more information.

Tips To Improve Usability:

  • Extremely detailed and precise product description
  • Provide suggestions for similar products from other brands
  • Motivate the shoppers to provide rating and reviews
  • Avail wish list options to let the shopper take his or her time


  1. Dedicated Customers

Mindset: They have a loyal front towards the store owing to their previous shopping experiences. Good experience and quality services attract them towards the store

Purchase Probability: These shoppers are responsible for bringing maximum revenue. They prefer quality over price.

Tips To Improve Usability:

  • Options to save cart for next shopping spree
  • Reward them thorough coupons and vouchers
  • Encourage them to return and shop through newsletter


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