The world of the digital marketer is packed with untold barricades. With your experience you hurl at one, and another pops up.

Therefore it is too hard for anyone to succeed in the virtual world.

Despite the fact that there are endless content circulating on the web constantly searching for the attention of consumers, it is very difficult for a business to find its place even after delivering the insightful articles written specifically for the target audience.

Let’s talk about certain roadblocks which digital marketers face in order to successfully run their juggernaut:

Email Marketing

61 percent of email marketers said they faced difficulties when doing email marketing. As the importance of email marketing is increasing, and it will rise almost double-fold in the coming years; thus, this is the problem worth solving.

Marketing by email will increase your ROI to 4300%. That is, if you spend $1 on an email, you’ll probably get a $43 return; but that’s if you do it right.

Although it seems like a fantasy tale of numbers, you can live in reality if you tap into a rightful way of doing the marketing.

Email Marketing

Why should we do that, then? First, when a customer fills out your website forum, he gets a confirmation email which helps make him your email subscriber.

Obtaining the form to fill means by getting data from the targeted person you have taken yet another step in the right step.

We prepare relevant newsletters that are akin to the company’s sole existence and capture the attention of the subscribers’, instantly.

Lead Capture/Abandonment

In an industry survey, more than 50 percent of surveyors admitted they find it hard to gain leads. They don’t know how to do it, because in reality; they don’t know where they’re missing.

Lead Capture Abandonment

Despite doing all the right things, you skip the value of problem-solving content, which can place you as a leader in the industry.

Kinex Media helps you to ramp up your conversion lead process through its lead capturing tools or some other key factors.

We track consumer’s behavior, which helps in analyzing and incorporating the right elements to gain the lead because visitors will get converted if they find some value, which can solve their problem.

Optimizing Landing Pages

More than 74% marketers have agreed to face problem during optimizing their content for higher conversions.

The development of highly converted landing pages is a business imperative – and Kinex Media has resources to help you do so.

Landing Page

From optimizing A / B tests to-form friction, we are increasing conversion by 150%. We also create different programs where users can fill in the forum using their social media accounts such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn etc.

Brand Recognition

In building brand awareness, more than 47 per cent of advertisers admitted their weakness. To improve or develop flawless brand image, knowledge needs to be generated which can influence people in doing so.

It’s also really important that you will get your name out there and emit your magnificence all over which can make people are in love with your brand.

Brand Recognition

Kinex Media helps you in doing it through social media campaigns and PPC etc.

For example; we do integration with Facebook by running competitions and organizing events where the like-minded and targeted audience can engage with your brand, and by doing so, you can gain the lead. In addition, we incorporate sharing features on social media sites to promote communication and make content more accessible. Everything we do is based on industry parameters that crave certain attention for the brand.

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