Obtaining a Google Space page isn’t the cup of tea for everybody. Oh hell, just one Google page; most also struggle to push relevant traffic to the website, and knock them back-and-again, after making many errors.

A lot of marketers feel blue after hitting the floor. Ouch!! We can understand the pain.

With the constant change in digital marketing trends, there are many things to consider in developing a strategy. From influencer marketing to voice search controls, every direction helps in attracting more traffic to your website. Using quick response chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, click pictures and search allow customers to get immediate answers to their queries. Effective social media campaigns, content marketing strategies contribute to the success of digital marketing campaigns. Automation, SERP Ranking, use of 5G technology, Internet of Things advertising assist in growing the engagement on your website. However, failing to keep with the trends fails the campaigns with great intent.

Yet, as we, online marketers, desperately seek success in learning the rules, also happens. There are complex problems that many marketers make, even after gaining experience on demanding projects, for various reasons.

Let’s read, which are those?

1. You Failed to Understand Brand Persona

You have to ask yourself, “Who’s your target audience” before launching your marketing expedition? If you get this response wrong, no matter what magic potion you’re using, or magic wand to produce successful outcomes, you’ll fall flat.

Figuring out the commodity that appeals to what kind of market is really key to winning any success. What a good thing you can do, if you want to sell a comb to a bald person.

No disrespect to anyone reading this, but just an example for clearing the picture by holding the torch in the dark. You need to build a persona or such an atmosphere that resonates with your target population and allows them to make decisions.

Findout Your Target Audiance

2. Lack of Adequate Research

You can’t heal someone’s physical wound without knowing, which medicine to apply. You better have to study the pharmacy and conclude the right medicine to apply.

Marketers frequently brainstorm to scoop enough ideas, but sadly; they struggle to do enough work to find the best outcome that will guarantee marketing success.

Give yourself time to learn the market and how to survive, and the approaches that succeeded and didn’t. Involve the project team to do their research and come up with a certain conclusion that has everything detailed in-depth for you to consider even the minute details.

3. Inadequate Real Success Metrics

It’s hard to conclude one single success parameter, as there are a lot of factors that are considered to call any project a success that includes branding, increased ROI, customer satisfaction, and increased conversion rates.

Also if you accomplish all of the items listed, you might still be a failure but not as bad as you think. For example; it’s not easy to push big traffic to the website, but among those users, how many percent turns into sales is where you have to wonder.

So you have to measure performance indicators and prepare according to the near future before launching the campaign.


4. Creating the Wrong Message for the Audience

So, you have come up with a revolutionary idea that you think can change the company’s future? How about, if it fails to perform?

Yeah, it happens when you don’t know who the idea is going to work for and for whom it won’t. Holding customer identity in mind when working on designing marketing strategies would pay tremendously in a positive way.

Note that the viewer is the ruler, and if you find the right frequency to generate a memorable message for them, you will drive your brand to a higher level.

5. Wrong Timing of Content Delivery

Creating content is not a big task, it’s about timing. What’s the use if you fail to deliver the content at the perfect time when it’s needed the most for better ROI or to gain more leads?

How will you actually come to know what the right time is? You have to prepare the report by analyzing and tracking the customer’s interaction with your brand or when it’s taking CTA (call-to-action) to purchase the product.

You can use Google Analytics, SEMrush, MOZ, and other web tools to figure the reaction and time response towards the product.

As Joseph Campbell laid emphasis on a hero’s journey; similarly, you have to understand buyer’s journey and how can you contribute to making it better and comfortable, so buyers can take action in a quick way.

6. Launched Too soon

“Patience is a virtue”.  So true. Isn’t it? So that’s real. Was it not? Marketers frequently start their campaign too early to not plan for, to say the least, unforeseen results or obstacles. In order to succeed, you have to give enough time to campaign.

Spending extra time with extensive analysis therefore will allow miles to succeed.

Spending extra time with extensive analysis therefore will allow miles to succeed. Through setting clear objectives and expectations before the start of the campaign, it paves the way to transform all those areas you may be hurriedly neglecting.

7. Fail to Meet Said Claims

Don’t sabotage your words, or brag about your product than its capabilities. People hate seeing negative results or seeing promises fall short. It directly results in a negative campaign of the product and customers start drifting away from it.

Mind you; the ‘word marketing’ among customer works as fire in the woods.

As an online marketer, you may not be able to monitor the price, but you are sure to be able to monitor the product presentation among the targeted clients.

Therefore make sure the goods represent what it says. Therefore, during promotions, escape from overdoing, even though it is sugar-coating to improve the sales. Do not again.

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