How to Make Your ‘Content Marketing’ Campaign ‘Profitable’

Content Marketing Profit

‘Content Marketing’ is becoming viral, and corporations are boarding the ship in the short span of time to join the effort to double fold their base of followers.

Just a few companies are given enormous success, however, and most remain busy thinking / looking where they make mistakes or challenge the importance of content marketing.

According to B2B (Business-to-business) Oberlo Just over three-quarters of companies have a content marketing strategy in place even in 2020.

Let us talk about real measurable tips that can return good ROI (Return on Investment) for the time and efforts you spend on doing content marketing and reaching to your potential customers in hope for sales conversion.

  1. Create targeted content that covers the need of your potential audience to convert them into sales. Associate your content to extend its reach and break the barricades.
  2. Include proper and neat infographics that can convey your message without itching in reader’s mind.
  3. Mobile opt-in and birthday messages are highly effective while creating email content. It helps miles.
  4. Compile and promote old content into an e-book as a free offer to readers and subscribers as a gift to improve their awareness of the related subject. Everyone loves having a free e-book with the proper integration of infographics and statistics providing great information.

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  1. Strategy what makes marketing content effective and satisfying. Successful content marketers document their strategy and work on it than less successful marketers. Spend time in planning that will carry execution smoothly, only, if you have a solid plan.
  2. No matter if you have shared your blog post once, keep doing it until it doesn’t find its life to getting viral among the new faces and accounts. Send it to your subscribers as a way to increase shares and views. It’s all part of reaching new minds and gaining new followers.
  3. Stay in touch with your team. Do brainstorming sessions and keep encouraging them to raise the bars. Be a team player as well as an effective leader.

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  1. Shift the attention to developing problem-solving content or a solution that provides content to specific issues. Your main readers will enjoy sharing that with their friends and it will increase the share numbers. Rather than continuously making content based on sales, try something different and keep the excitement alive.
  2. Use read-friendly lines to welcome your text, and gently push them to the conversion tab. It may take incredible planning and patience to gain the trust of readers.
  3. Write long pieces of content to generate traffic. Sometimes short pieces aren’t read or seen as a real form of marketing by search engines. Break content into proper paragraphs, subtitles, images and videos etc. It will glue people to read it till the end.
  4. Many marketers mistake in choosing their domain extension. Some choose their native countries that limit to a particular region. If you can, always go for the .com domain. More than 84% of successful content marketing businesses or companies use that. It allows them to extend their global reach and present them at the world stage.
  5. Sell your paid services in your free offering stuff. For instance, at the end of your e-book on why e-commerce can help you in growing better sales, you can redirect readers or create call-to-action button for them to contact you to develop a portal for their business. You never know who is thinking to develop a portal. Don’t underestimate anyone.
  6. 77 percent of the highest-ranking pages are mobile friendly, according to e-market surveys. Getting responsive Web design (RWD) is a crucial step. If you can get your website built for an application, this will be a jackpot for your readers.
  7. Do not hesitate to use social advertising as a way to expand the scope of your content. It will drive more traffic to your blog and more traffic means more shares and referrals. Try it out.

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  1. Incorporate proper images and videos to ensure organic traffic driven to your blog post or website. People love getting back information about the topic you are writing about. Provide certain links to enhance their knowledge as you certainly don’t want to write a book in your blog post.
  2. Guest blogging can be your important tool in driving huge traffic and knowing what marketers and readers think about you and your business.
  3. Using short and simplified titles is the way to get clicks for the blog post. Stop using long and tough vocabulary in your titles, which most people won’t understand. It will drive traffic away from your website as no one has time to pick up a dictionary to understand your content.
  4. Use content surveys and invite your readers, subscribers and people from social media to participate.
  5. Lay emphasis on your email content. Nearly 80% of businesses found the effectiveness of emails as their primary revenue source. Prepare emails with important information and carve your image as a serious business who emails for important and knowledgeable stuff. It enforces readers to click and convert into sales.
  6. Blog continually. Readers love revisiting again-and-again if you have something new to share with right third party links that are genuine and broaden their understanding about the topic.
  7. Use product demos to promote your products by giving a glimpse to your followers about quality and reliability of your offering.
  8. Use comparison post about your different products and services to help people to decide about the right tool for them. Be a complete marketer in a friendly way who shares the best interest of its customers.
  9. Using long-tail keywords will carry true search engine traffic and will be considered a real way to do hyperlinking.

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  1. Promote your marketing campaign on content. It is used by 48 percent advertisers to boost traffic, according to industry studies. List yourself in numbers like this.
  2. To entice future sales, don’t forget to show your gratitude to new clients or customers. Take care of them and they will show their love in return.
  3. Generate series content to gain revisits. When you publish posts in parts of a title on regular intervals, readers will likely to revisit to read following blog post.
  4. Don’t forget to use email drip sequences. It’s a wonderful way to keep new users’ engaged. If you are away or are in the renovation process, sending them a mail about your products and offers, can be very beneficial.
  5. Writing content won’t take you anywhere. Nothing beats originality and you have original content with you, but who’s going to read it or how anyone will come to know about the content floating on the web when there are billions of pages are waiting to be explored. Use your time and energy to market the content. Bring in more readers. Be an effective content marketer.
  6. Using tools like Buzzsumo will help to discover what your loyal and targeted audience loves to read and hope to see in your posts. Remember you are writing for your readers, not for yourself. Think of them.


  1. Dealing in the B2B (Business-to – Business) field and not using LinkedIn can be a dead end for your juggernaut campaigning. LinkedIn is used by 66 percent of advertisers to communicate with marketing gurus, new and old users and improve user interaction.
  2. Use analytical tools. It will give you an idea or paint a good image of the user interaction on various to. Moreover, you can focus better what to write for future or how to tweak your ideas to satisfy readers want.

“Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.”- Brian Clark, Copyblogger

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