Deliver Excellent B2B Shopping Experience With Pro Tips


Every niche targets a different audience. B2B Businesses mainly target the toughest audience – Businesses. Every business owner is smart enough to make an informed decision after weighing the potential pros and cons. It is quintessentially challenging to convince such an audience to buy your products or services. Once you have convinced them to make a purchase, the next thing you need to focus on is “Providing a good B2B shopping experience”.

How To Provide An Exceptional B2B Shopping Experience?

B2B websites must be more attentive to providing an exceptional shopping experience because ‘one silly mistake can make you lose potential customers’. And one customer’s worth would be more than $5000. Can you afford to lose them? Now, the question arises – ‘What can be done to avoid losing potential customers’? 

1. Smooth Navigation 

  • Since a business website offers different products and services, the navigation needs to be simplified and smooth.
  • If a user encounters too many hangs, he is definite to leave. Thus, the navigation should flow like water. 
  • When a user is getting redirected to a particular webpage, there must not be any link breakage.


2. Easy Checkout Process

Businessmen tend to be more rational, and owing to their critical nature, they find fault with everything possible. 

  • Make sure the checkout process is smooth. 
  • Don’t ask customers to fill in unnecessary details.
  • Don’t let your pages SNAP. (It breaks the user’s trust in you; for once and forever) 
  • Make sure to incorporate a chatbot within the checkout process to assist customers.


3. Incorporate Offers

Be it laymen or a businessman, everybody likes complimentary gifts and discounts. Businessmen get tempted by big discount offers as they spend a lot during buying. So it is always suggested to incorporate offers. There are many kinds of offers that you can incorporate: 

  • Buy One, Get One Free
  • Buy at MRP,  Get 2 Free
  • Buy Today at MRP, Get 20% Off Next Time
  • Buy Today To Avail A Free Gift
  • Flash Sale at 20%, 30% and 40% Off

Apart from that, there need to be referral offers. Like, you refer a website to a person, and he buys something from the website, then he


4. Great Customer Service

There are many things where people get stuck during the shopping process. They need assistance. There is a need for active customer service. To some extent, you can put chatbots into use, but for advanced queries, you must have manual customer service. Here are some key points to remember: 

  • Don’t let your customers feel – ‘There is no help available!’
  • In case of advanced query – ‘Make human help available’. 
  • If a customer asks for help late at night, his query should not be ignored. In case any robot or human is not able to respond, then he must get a message or an email which states the matter like this – 

“Thanks for messaging. Our team is currently not able to respond. Your query will be addressed within two working days. Here is your ticket number – xxxxxx567. We request you to use it in the further conversation with our team.” 


5. Availability/ Bulk Stock

Make sure the products and services you offer are available in bulk quantities. Having scarce availability produces a negative impact on your web visitors. They will turn to your competitors and start exploring their products. There is a high probability that your competitor’s products will tempt them, and they’ll become loyal to them. This way, you come one step closer to losing the potential prospects.  

I agree that there may encounter some cases where you run short of the products. In that scenario, you can use the ‘REMIND ME WHEN IT IS AVAILABLE’ button. You can also suggest your audience buy ‘RELATED PRODUCTS’. 


6. Don’t Hike Up Rates 

Quality is the first thing customers look for when buying a product. Don’t take undue advantage of this trait. You must charge a reasonable amount for the product and the offered quality. Don’t shoot up rates unreasonably for offering the best quality. 

Reasonable Arguments To Hike Up Rates: 

  • If you’re using any exotic ingredient in the edible product. 
  • If you’re using complex machinery in your product. 
  • If you’re providing an international or highly paying workforce certified by some reputable organization, then it is worth charging more. 


7. Transportation Facilities

Every B2B Business must offer free or discounted delivery services. It will tempt your website visitors to buy products from you and not from your competitors. Here are some of the Delivery Offers you can use: 

  • Buy items worth xxxx$ and get FREE delivery 
  • Refer us to 2 of your friends and get FREE delivery 
  • Buy it at MRP and get FREE delivery


8. Avoid Unnecessary Details 

During the signup and survey process, ensure you’re asking for only the details your website visitors are comfortable sharing. Make only specific credential fields necessary. Don’t force customers for more details. For example: Don’t make ‘Choose your Gender’ necessary. Some people do not prefer disclosing it. So, don’t mark ‘asterisk’ in the question (asterisk mark meaning: make the answering compulsory). If you want to make it compulsory, adding an option in the dropdown is suggested – “PREFER NOT TO SAY”. 


9. Security-Enriched 

To build trust among your targeted audience, it is essential to add some security features. It is recommended to highlight this in ‘WHY CHOOSE US’ as it will add credibility to your site, and website visitors will trust you. 

Besides, Maintaining security is crucial because of the ‘ONLINE PAYMENT’. Don’t let your website visitors doubt your credibility. 



Providing a good B2B shopping experience is crucial for businesses as it can impact potential customers’ decisions. To deliver an excellent B2B shopping user experience, businesses should provide smooth navigation, an easy checkout process, incorporating offers, great customer service, availability of bulk stock, reasonable pricing, transportation facilities, avoiding unnecessary details, and ensure security. By following these 10 quick steps, businesses can increase customer loyalty and reduce the chances of losing potential prospects, leading to increased sales and revenue.

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