In case, you have hefty people visiting your website, you must be on cloud nine! But, do you think this joy is going to matter if the visitors are leaving your site without any conversions?

Actually, not! To make sure your business sees the light of success, it is important that the visitors hang around and explore the products and services, which is eventually going to lead to conversions.

If the consumers arrive at your site but then abruptly exit, the situation will be like dropping just before the finish line.

To ensure that your customers stay, you’ll need to make sure you step into the customers’ shoes and plan things that would help the visitors stick around.

1. Beware of Bad Navigation

The badly navigated web site has little respect for a tourist. They will never be interested in wasting time on a website that is very difficult to navigate.

Avoid adding confusing visual elements that are difficult for the user to understand. Make sure the key navigation links to other texts are clearly visible and not concealed in between.

2. Stay Away from too many Ads

What is going to irritate users the most is the ads that pop up and flash over the screen repeatedly.

The first thing they will see when someone visits the website is the material that guides them towards the services and goods that the company offers and not the advertising.

The advertisements are not intended to appear anywhere on the main tab. To ensure that your ads don’t cause users an unpleasant experience, you’ll need to display them discreetly.

3. Complicated Content strategy – A strict NO!

Content structure for a website decides what course of action the user would follow. Sites with poor structure will destroy the retention rate.

The material, particularly the contact details, should be easy to find. This has been shown that full profits are lost due to the lack of the consumers having the details they are searching for.

Make sure you group similar content to stop users searching around for the relevant information.

4. Using Compulsory Audios & Videos

Some visitors have a clear cut approach to what they want to buy, and what category they want to navigate. For most users, having a video or audio that will play automatically could be irritating.

Hence, stop noisy music and videos playing in the background and intruding user experience. If you want to add a video or audio, give the users the choice to choose whether they wish to play them or not.

5. Imposing Registration over Visitors

Some sites make the mistake of forcing the visitors to sign up for a further exploration of the site. This is the biggest barrier between the website and the user that you create.

In most cases, forced registration leads to the user moving to any other website. Until applying for approval, it is best to give them a preview of the services and goods you sell.

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