Basics Of Good Website Design

Exploring The Basics Of A Good Website Design

Let us discuss few very basic points about website design here. In simple terms, web designing involves planning and creating different web pages which are combined together in a logical manner. The other important aspects of website design and development process are its overall architecture, website structure, navigation, layout, content, fonts and images. All these different elements are brought together using design principles to come up with a perfect website.

What is important to design a good web design Toronto is that the designer working on your website knows about the basic elements of a good design. If he has good knowledge of fundamentals of good design, he will create a website that perfectly meet your business requirements as well as professional looking website.

Fundamental Elements of a Website

It is a fact that the basics of good design are same everywhere so no matter whether you are designing a website or just a business brochure so once you have learned about them you will earn the ability to become a good designer. Let us take a look at what are the basic elements that need to be incorporated in a good website design.

Website Layout

Layout of the website is the overall design of the website. It is defined as the organization of different elements on a web page which includes text, images and other things that need to be present on a page. The first step involved in defining the layout of a webpage is to place all these things at their respective positions using the basic design principles. Once, this planning is done, designer can then move on to next steps.

website layout


It can defined as the path through which visitors on your website will move from one webpage to another on the website. It helps potential customers to know other features of your site. Thus, it is important that you ensure that the navigation on your website is well defined so that visitor can find easily what they are looking for on your website.

Website navigation is necessary

User Friendliness

Sometimes, the accessibility feature on a website acts as the most detriment factor to its design, however a professional website designer can design an easily accessible web design without compromising with the design. Thus, it is very important that you hire only those professionals who have expertise in building user friendly websites.

User Friendly Website

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