Most of search engine optimization practices including pay per click advertising campaigns which are being run for a website are mainly concerned about driving increased traffic towards a website. Conversion optimization is focused on encouraging the website traffic to convert into leads and eventually in sales.

Conversion optimization is among the most crucial features defining position and performance of a website in the online world. You must put a strong foot forward as far as your conversion optimization strategy is concerned. There will be no use of all your marketing and optimization efforts if a user visiting your website goes away without performing an intended action. However, make sure that you just don’t jump into conversion optimization bandwagon without proper planning.

Important Tips To Design An Effective Conversion Optimization Strategy

So, you have decided to go ahead with conversion optimization, you must start with optimizing the conversion paths on your website. Figure out the five pages of your website which see the maximum number of footfall and consider the following points:

Call To Action Button

  • Ensure that appropriate call-to-action (CTA) is strategically placed among different pages and at most prominent locations. Proper placement of call-to-action statements helps in ensuring that your CTA statements are clearly visible to visitors and they attract the visitors to click on them.
  • Ensure that you use attractive and actionable language including words like ‘hurry’, ‘today’, ‘now’ etc. These types of words express urgency and thus promote user performing the desired action.
  • It is important that you present only those offers through your CTA statements that are relevant to the nature of your website.

Designing Your Conversion Optimization Plan

If you are not sure how to go ahead with your conversion optimization plan, it will be best to ask for professional help from a reputed company providing expert conversion optimization services. You can contact Kinex Media, a website design Toronto firm which also offer customized SEO, conversion optimization solutions. They will help you in designing the best course of action to attract more traffic to convert into leads and even sales.

Conversion Rates Helps To Increasing Traffic

Conversion optimization offers you a great deal of help in directing the website traffic which it is getting via your link building, SEO and other marketing efforts towards performing certain actions which may signing up, making a purchase, becoming a fan on your website and so on.

Note that conversion optimization holds a significance place in your overall marketing and optimization strategy since it can greatly improve your conversion rates. It also helps you to collect detailed data regarding the visitors to your website and hence can utilize it to design more targeted marketing strategies.

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