Google My Business (GMB) users were and are being sent emails by Google regarding their business profile that the same will be deleted after 30 days if found unpublished.

The subject of the email states that “In 30 days, your unpublished Business Profile will be deleted”. While in the body, Keep your Business Profile with the user’s name, business and other details with the final mention of, “Simply verify your business today” is written.

Some discussion took place at the local search forum on this, which you can check out here. Moreover, if you have not received the message, then you can double-check at your end. Who knows you were not in the mood or got tired of going through thousands of emails that day and by chance may have missed this one.

Talking about the mail, then the information is inadequate, as it does not say that one can try again if the profile got unpublished. Or is it understood that one could? Who’s the wise guy?

Overall the things to learn from the mail are that if you are making some profiles and finding details to complete it, then kindly without hurrying; do publish it within the mentioned days. Else, big daddy isn’t waiting to keep up with you.

The important thing is that the competition is rising, and you do not want to miss out on the free stuff that Google offers. By verifying your profile quickly, the less time it will take to appear LIVE on the search engine.

For example, if you confirm your website just a few days before the deadline, then the moderation period will automatically extend. So make sure you do the job understandingly.

To further motivate you on Google My Business, these are the benefits that come with it.

• Shows Your Brand on Internet.
• Shows The Ins and Out of Your Physical Unit through Pictures, videos etc.
• Shows Your Brand on Google Map.
• Shows Brand Information in a Crystal Clear Manner.
• Allows Proper Interaction with Customers.
• Gets Customer Ratings for Giving Service.
• Show Updates, Offers and more about your brand.

Besides the usual, you can get more out of Google My Business, if you use the paid features that make your brand reach to its user in a more sophisticated manner.

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