Gone is the time when creating content of your own would qualify as one of the most essential marketing strategy.

Nowadays it’s more about the user-created content than about the website. User created content is content that the user generates through reviews and images, when making comments on social media sites and sharing experiences.

Rather than just posting content, it is easier if you provide opportunities for the user to engage the brand or website in conversation.

The users and visitors are masters of their own mind and eventually you cannot direct them to do what you want. All that you can do is to play the role of a navigator that takes the users to the respective website and encourages them to share their experiences.

We are all well aware of the fact that material has become an industry cliché which cannot be overruled at all. The number of websites that rely on internet marketing has steadily grown, making it clear how businesses depend on content.

As recorded in this decade’s Benchmark, Budgets and Patterns study by the Content Marketing Institute, 86 percent of businesses rely on content marketing and nearly 70 percent of those 86 percent businesses produce more content than they did a year earlier.

Lately, the essence and meaning of content marketing has started to change. It is not confined till creating and distributing the content over various platforms. Instead, the focus is now upon value, importance and reliability.

66% of customers say they trust the reviews left by other customers on a brand’s page about 12 times as much as marketing coming from the brand itself. This means that UGC is perceived as more authentic than brand messaging.

It is eventually now that marketers have realized that UGC is actually a powerful tool for digital marketers. Read on to have a look at some fascinating facts associated with UGC.

Peer recommendations stands above never ending sales speech: Research suggests that consumers are 50% more likely to trust content generated by their peers than that coming from a company. As a marketer, you need to provide some extra space to your consumers and offer them a medium to initiate conversation. This would eventually lead to series of conversions generated by others users as well.

The psychology of visitors has further extended and made way to social existence. People are more interested in investing upon a product or service that has acquired audience over social media platforms.


When they see people engaging with a particular product range, they too start taking interest in same, as it seems to them a sign of reliability. Conversions may improve by up to 64% by displaying UGC prominently on the product page.

Facebook users have been watching more than four billion videos a day, which has raised by 33% as compared to last year. Youtube gaming also contributes in making a business huge. Youtube gamer, PewDiePie, has been publishing videos of himself playing video games and eventually manages to make a whopping income of $7.4 million a year, with more than 37.7 million subscribers.

Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have helped users in coming out as a major source for news. Even the companies in the niche of gaming are embracing UGC wholeheartedly.

Players have started drafting their own content, hence getting a platform to express creativity. A perfect expel would be Nintendo’s Mario Maker that allows players to create 2D Mario levels, hence creating engagement.

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