The grandest sports event of 2016, the Olympics, happened in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, under the supervision of the International Olympics Committee (IOC). Marketed as Rio16, the Olympics had cost Brazil approximately $4.6 billion in hosting the mega event, according to a study conducted by Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford.

About 206 countries sent a total of 10,500 athletes to compete for the Gold, and 7.5 million tickets were sold by the Olympics Committee to witness the mega event live. A total of 42 sports took place at 37 venues that were further divided into 306 events.

According to the report by Reuters, the overall cost of the event was around $12 billion. Although it was a sports event, it taught us a lot about blogging and how to use that element in our business strategy to step on the world stage to reach the targeted audience.

Blogging Success

Realistic Goals

Ask an athlete who is practicing hard what he wants to achieve in the Olympics, without quitting. His answer will be GOLD!!!! Gold is the reason why so many athletes’ do many chores in a single day to support themselves financially and to practice hard for the top prize.

Olympics takes place once every four years that gives enough time to an athlete to work day and night for the ultimate glory and make his/her nation proud of his/her achievement.

Real Goal

As a blogger, your main goal should be increasing avid readers and loyal followers who can bring business to you and add healthy profits. Remember, the start is always a tad slow and sloppy. Some of us, while pursuing blogging, feel insecure about the future; but, we continue to progress if we set small and manageable goals to achieve something more significant.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”

From growing a following, providing advice, organizing webinars, and social media maintenance, a blogger has to do various things to bridge the gap between him and the ultimate success. Blogging giants such as Diply, BuzzFeed, UNILAD, The Lad Bible etc. have done a similar thing to create a place for them, and Kinex Media is trying the same by following these giants.

The most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps, who won 28 Olympic medals consisting of 23-Golds, didn’t have it easy. He appeared in the 2000 Olympics for the first time and lost in the abyss without earning a medal. Did it stop him from continuing to create a remarkable winning streak? NO. It took him four years to finally taste success. And, the victory was grand that turned the world’s eyes on him. And, when Phelps appeared in the Beijing Olympics in 2008, all were looking to see Phelps swim for the gold. He created a historical record of winning Gold in every race he participated in, and the rest is history.

Like Michael Phelps, start gradually and don’t lose hope if you aren’t able to produce the desired results. Analyze your work and improvise new things to reap better outcomes.

Right Mindset

Having the right mindset is very important to succeed in anything. An athlete has to keep a positive mindset; otherwise, he will stress himself out before the main event, which can result in a loss. What sets Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt apart from the rest is their ability to outrank their performance each time they train. Similarly, a blogger has to work hard and understand the blogging world to prepare his/her mindset according to the environment.

Right MindsetDespite hard work and rigorous training, athletes fail to secure a spot in the top 3 even. Sometimes it’s not the physical fitness, but the psychological mindset that plays a huge role.

It is an important lesson to learn from the Olympics that will help you to build a blogging empire because you will resist giving up even in the most challenging conditions.

When you list out the problems that can hinder your way to the desired success, chances are you will work on it to improve your performance.

Blogging isn’t easy. Just like athletes, there are loads of bloggers trying to achieve the ultimate blogging glory but fail in doing so.

Standing Up to Adversity-

Olympians face a lot of setbacks, including physical injury, financial crisis to support the elite training programs etc. However, that doesn’t stop the real and passionate ones in pursuing their dreams of winning the Gold.

Writing great content isn’t easy. You will have writer’s block and will face trouble in doing content marketing. The market is already overcrowded, and to make space for yourself, needs true determination and willingness to win the game.

Standing up to adversity

When your rivals gain more leads, earn healthy profits, you surround yourself with negative thoughts and belittle your skills and abilities. It’s a normal thing in the competitive world, and many people quit when they are so close to reaching their ultimate goal.

If you are a sports fan, then you are aware of the new records being made and broken. That’s normal. Even in the Olympics, a lot of new records are made. Phelps broke the 2000-year old record, too, which was held for so long. Wasn’t it thought to be impossible before Phelps?

A lot of new things happen every day in this world, and you can do a lot of things, too, which isn’t achieved by anyone until yet. Don’t quit until you do not realize that you worked for so long.

Team Work

Even if it’s an individual event, no athlete has ever achieved glory on his/her own. You may see media hyping only an athlete, but his coach’s contribution is undeniable, who sweat and worked as much as the athlete. Their family and friends, who support and consistently push them to continue with their dreams, also play a massive role in the overall success of an athlete.

When it comes to writing quality content for your readers, who helps you to grow continually? It is your readers, followers, influencers’ and industry peers who offer their opinion on your content and assist you in taking notes regarding a particular matter to keep striving for perfection.

Multicolored plasticine human figures concluding a treaty

As humans, we are programmed to need support. Whether it’s your family or a friend sitting beside you to train harder, or your readers sitting miles away and sending words of motivation through messaging, you need support to reach your place.

Loving Competition

Most bloggers run from the competition. They continuously look for niches having less or no competition. It doesn’t mean that they should stop creating content in a competitive category. The competition will boost their morale and inspire them to outrank their abilities every day. It will help them to sharpen their writing skills and the ability to develop new content continually.


It’s a matter of realization when you decide to improve yourself and won’t worry about the already established rivals. Deep inside of your heart, you know, you will do well and can outperform even the best.

Michael Phelps dominated the last 3 Olympics and finally ended his historic career at Rio 2016. He didn’t care about the competition because he trained harder every day for the Gold. Despite being a celebrated Olympian, he underwent vigorous training every day to remain the best.

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