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A business can increase its foot traffic by getting shown in the top results of the local online searches. No other way can match the effectiveness of running an ad for expanding the site’s traffic & foot traffic simultaneously.



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Why To Trust Google Local Services
Ads Management?

  • Your business can connect with potential local customers. (Locals are more likely to buy products or book the services)
  • As per latest Google Ads insights, “Running ads in the Local sphere escalates the credibility status.”
  • Each penny you invest will show a good return as you pay only for the leads interested in buying your products or services.

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Client Testimonials

The Kinex team goes above and beyond to ensure that our needs are met, and they are always willing to spend the extra time to make sure that we understand everything and that we are making the right decisions.
Blayne Lastman
- Dr Kimberly

Client Testimonials

"I thoroughly consider the site turned extraordinary and Kinex Media performed extremely well. The criticism has been awesome ... It's precisely what I was searching for. Pretty much everybody who's seen it, adores it.."
- Dr Kimberly
- Javier

Client Testimonials

We started working with Kinex about one year ago for our corporate website. From design services to their client relations they have been fantastic throughout, and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for professional web design services!
- Javier

Breakdown of Google Local Services Ad Management Plan

The sphere of our distinctive services is what makes us unique. Here are the inclusions of our Local Services Ad Management:

Target Particular Regions

Reaching out to the ideal local customers demands you to have an influential local people targeting campaign. It allows you to access the leads present in your geographic zones easily.

Review Checking

With the beginning of 2022, the trend of voice optimization services is taking over the world. Having included ‘Voice Services Optimization Services’ in the google local services ads management plan ensures that you are not running out of potential leads.

Voice Search Optimization Services


We have experienced SEO strategists who will improve your company’s search engine rankings and help you earn more revenue from them. Please speak with one of our experts online today.

Why Trust Our Services?

Though there are many reasons for you to trust our services. The following are the most predominant ones:

Dedicated Project Manager & Local Marketing Expert

There is no benefit giant than having a dedicated project manager & local marketing expert assigned to your project. No sooner than you assign a project to us, our dedicated project manager & local marketing experts roll their sleeves up and embark on a mission to provide highly expected outcomes.

Budget Management

Our paid ad specialists are adept at providing a high return on investment, no matter your budget; as they know, every business has different budget plans.

Custom Reporting

Clients are always curious to know how their projects are working. So, we send them a report every week and month. With the help of the reports, it is easier for clients to track the progress of their projects.

Know In-Depth About Google Local Services Ads


I know that you might have a question in mind which says, “What are Google Local Services Ads, and How do they work?”
Google Local Services Ads is a paid method that allows you to connect with the people residing in the local area. These ads are beneficial as they appear at the top of searches and the users tend to click on the ads that appear on the top. Whenever a user searches for a particular keyword, a list of the business gets generated. But if you run an ad, your business will appear on the top. The predominant goal of the Google Local Services Ads is to make the Google Verified Businesses appear on the top. Earlier, running ads did not require you to be a verified seller, but now google focuses on providing authentically good results to the people. But, you needn’t worry; Kinex Media is here to help you verify your business.

Get a Google Guarantee Badge, and Build Credibility!

The particular feature which catches your interest in taking up Local Services is Google Guarantee Badge. By signing up to obtain the specific service, you’ll obtain a google guarantee. It would be easy to build a reputation with your audience with this badge.
But it is not that easy; first, you need to clear the background check. Apart from that, all your licensing & insurance details must be verified. Google does this check to see if you are accountable for your undertakings.

What is Google Guarantee?

Suppose people buy the products and services rendered by the business relying on the Local Services Ad management plans, and they are dissatisfied with that. In that case, Google will hold the particular business accountable and reimburse them. Google is not going to pay them on their own. It’ll be the client himself who will compensate the client.

Terms and Conditions

  • This coverage excludes upcoming projects, vandalism, disgruntlement with the price or the provider’s attitude, and cancellations.
  • The coverage is all about the project’s quality, not the firm.
  • Customers must submit their complaints in less than 20 days after the project’s completion so that they can be evaluated timely.

Why Is This Badge Important?

Having the badge is quintessentially essential to:

  • Serve a Trust Signal to your audience.
  • Make your audience feel comfortable if anything goes wrong. (They will know that Google will be there to hear them)

Google Local Services: How To Apply & Guidelines?

Are you ready to incorporate Google Local Services Ads in your marketing campaign? If yes, then roll up your sleeves to get started:

Verify Your Business’ Eligibility

First of all, you need to determine whether your business is eligible to include Google Local Services ads in the marketing campaign. This feature is only available for certain industries located in specific cities.

Make A Professional Business Profile

Next up, you are required to create a strong business profile. It is a crucial part of the overall process as it will influence google to choose the suitable rank for you. We, Kinex Medians, are experienced in designing the best business profiles.

Please Take Care Of These Things

  • Do not provide any falsified information about the products and services. Do not enlist those services and products which you aren’t offering. Otherwise, Google will keep showing your business’s name for the service you don’t provide but the user wants. If Google finds it out, it would not be suitable for your site’s credibility.
  • Be very specific with the area. It would help to let Google know whether you want to target the audience residing in the area with a radius of either less or more than 20 miles.
  • You must know that you can edit all these things anytime after the profile creation: Budget, Business hours, and Service hours.

Fill In The Necessary Details Concerning License & Insurance

As mentioned above, Google only lets those companies take advantage of the Google Local Service ads, which are trustworthy. Google considers legitimacy as the best measure to judge trustworthiness.
Please Note: No sooner your insurance plan goes outdated than google will take away your guarantee badge.

Determine Your Budget


Since Google Local Services is akin to PPC, you must set up an initial budget. You must set your budget monthly, but it is not essential to put the same budget every time. You can set different budgets every time.

Regularly Follow Up With Leads

As soon as your ad is up on the internet, you will get potential leads. Being a responsible Local Services And Management Company, our responsibility is to regularly follow up the leads and convince them to buy products & services from you. We can follow up the leads with the following:

Reply: A reply includes sending messages through emails or texts.

Call: Calling the leads who have provided the phone number
Decline: Businesses do have an option to decline the request from a lead

How Can Google Local Services Ads Help Your Business Grow?

Your Business Will Be On The Top

It may take months to rank on the top with organic optimization techniques. But by running an ad, you can immediately improve your visibility and rank at the top.

Become Credible

People tend to find only credible websites which are ranking at the top. So Google Local Services Ads can help your site to build credibility.

More Voice Search Customers

Nowadays, people tend to carry out searches with the help of voice search instead of typing. This demands you to stay optimized with voice search. Kinex Media promises you that we’ll help you fetch all the leads passing through the voice search funnel.

Play & Pause

If someday you notice that your ad is doing exceptionally well and you can’t handle more leads for some time, then you can pause your ad campaign for a while and resume it whenever you feel necessary.

Stress-Free Way of Marketing

We have tested and proven strategies for setting a result-oriented Local ad campaign. Once it is up, there is no chance that it could encounter any flaw or drop.

Why Kinex Media?

Everybody says, “Google Local Services Ads possesses a great potential to sweep the path for your business to reach a more targeted audience smoothly.” But not everybody knows “How to use that potential in the right direction.” But our expertise in this field has allowed us to use the potential of Local Ads in the right direction. We have run many Local Ads campaigns for numerous clients, and all of them have seen the campaigns bearing the fruits.

Kinex Media is Canada’s most reputed digital marketing company. We have a highly skilled team of about 100 members. They are equipped with different sets of skills that allow them to contribute uniquely to the project.

Shall We Begin?

Nowadays, all the businesses are relying on the power of Local Ads. So why not, YOU?
Contact our strategist if you are all set to drive potential leads to your business.

We are eagerly waiting for you as we have already sharpened our tools!